What is a drop zone 223 reticle?

The Drop Zone-223 BDC reticle configured 3-12×40 AR Optics Riflescope from Bushnell combines a fully multicoated optical path with a . 223 caliber specific reticle to create a lightweight optic for close to mid-range targeting.

Where is the Bushnell engage made?

Bushnell Engage Scopes – The Engage series of scopes is also built on a 1-inch tube and offers more power magnification options than the Prime series, in addition to the Deploy MOA reticle. Like the Prime scope models, the Engage scopes are also made in South Korea.

How does BDC work on a scope?

BDC scopes work by using a reticle pattern that predicts how much a bullet will drop at a given range. This is illustrated in the reticle by several different aiming points stacked vertically beneath a central dot or crosshair.

How does a rifle scope reticle work?

BDC rifle scope reticles are designed to give you true points of aim at known distances to compensate for bullet drop. In essence, you’re compensating for a horizontally fired bullet’s drop over a significant distance, due in large part to gravity.

Is Bushnell still in business?

Bushnell Corporation is an American firm that specializes in sporting optics and outdoor products. It is based in Overland Park, Kansas and is a subsidiary of Vista Outdoor….Bushnell Corporation.

Type subsidiary
Subsidiaries Browning Sports Optics Simmons Outdoor Corporation Tasco
Website Bushnell.com

What does MOA mean on a rifle scope?

Minute of Angle
MOA stands for the Minute of Angle, which correlates to the minute hand of a 360-degree clock face. Each minute refers to 1/60th of a degree, similar to the minutes of an hour. When shooting, even a slight angle can cause you to miss the mark, so fine-tuning your MOA to the precise angle or “minute” is important.