What is a fancy word for like?

What is another word for like?

enjoy love
adore appreciate
fancy relish
savorUS be fond of
embrace admire

What’s another word for like or love?

Synonyms for love that can imply varying levels of intensity or intimacy include fondness, affection, devotion, and adoration.

How do you find similar words?

Fortunately, Google lets you search for similar words—called synonyms—by using the ~ operator. Just include the ~ character before the word in question, and Google will search for all pages that include that word and all appropriate synonyms.

How can I replace I like?

How to say “I like it and “I don’t like it” in different ways in English

  1. I enjoy it.
  2. I love it.
  3. I am passionate about it.
  4. I am fond of it.
  5. I am a fan of it.
  6. I am interested in it.
  7. I am into it.

What is an example of similar?

The definition of similar is two things that have characteristics that resemble each other but are not exactly alike. An example of similar is a cream skirt and a white skirt. Having traits or characteristics in common; alike, comparable.

How do you say like it?

Other ways to say “I like it”

  1. I adore it.
  2. I can’t get enough of it.
  3. I didn’t like it at first but now I do.
  4. I fancy it/ him/ her.
  5. I just love it.
  6. I like it.
  7. I like the idea of it.
  8. I love doing it and I don’t want to stop.

How do you use likes in a sentence?

Likes sentence example

  1. He likes to surprise people.
  2. But I’d say he likes you.
  3. He likes you too much, in my opinion.
  4. It sounds like he’s a respectable person who likes to keep to his self.
  5. As for Alex, he likes to control people.
  6. This town sure likes its history.
  7. I hope he likes us all.