What is a globally balanced compass?

Suunto’s globally balanced needles use a construction where the needle and the magnet tilt independently of each other. This allows the needle to stay parallel with the compass capsule while the magnet tilts with the vertical component of the earth magnetic field without pulling down the needle.

What kind of compass does the US military use?

lensatic compass
A lensatic compass is often referred to as a military compass, and is typically used by the U.S. Military. The lensatic compass is comprised of different parts compared to a baseplate compass.

What is the easiest compass to use?

The Suunto A-10 is a very inexpensive and simple compass. Therefore, it is easy to use and perfect for beginners. It is equipped with a declination scale, ruler and rotating bezel. It is relatively durable and made of scratch-resistant plastic.

What happens if you use a northern hemisphere compass in the southern hemisphere?

If a north hemisphere compass is used in the southern hemisphere, the south pointing end of its needle would dip a lot more, since that is the weighted end and the field lines dip toward the south. The needle would likely drag on the base of the compass.

Which planet has the strongest magnetic field?

After the Sun, Jupiter has by far the strongest and biggest magnetic field in our solar system — it stretches about 12 million miles from east to west, almost 15 times the width of the Sun.

Is the m-3g the best compass for You?

The standout feature of the M-3G is its global needle. Even if you are not planning to backpack in Antarctica or Ellesmere Island, where most magnetic compasses go haywire, you will still benefit. The compass need not be perfectly level for the global needle to rotate.

Is the m-3g worth the price?

The M-3G’s price is high but attainable, and I’d encourage readers to think about it like a premium sleeping bag: buy it now, take care of it, and replace it in 10 or 20 years.

What is the best alternative to the m-3g?

And the Suunto M-2 (center, similar to the M-3D Leader) is a more budget-friendly alternative than the M-3G but more advanced than the Starter. If you are not yet proficient in operating a compass, check out these posts and watch these videos:

Do I need to manually adjust the declination of the compass?

Without this feature, it is necessary to manually adjust for declination, or the angular difference between true north and magnetic north. The adjustable declination feature minimizes errors, especially when fatigued.