What is a sole source contract?

Sole-source contracts are a kind of contract that can be issued without a competitive bidding process. This usually happens in situations where only a single business can fulfill the requirements of a contract.

What does it mean to sole source?

A sole source purchase is one where there is only one vendor capable of providing an item or service, and therefore it is not possible to obtain competitive bids.

Does a sole source letter need to be notarized?

Q. Do vendor sole-source letters need to be notarized? A. No, the letter does not need to be notarized.

What is the difference between single source and sole sourced?

After evaluating those options, you choose the single source vendor that best matches your wants and needs. In contrast, a sole source vendor doesn’t give you any options because that vendor is the only vendor that can provide you with the products and goods you need.

What do you need to know about a sole source contract?

For sole source contracts of fifty thousand dollars or more, documented justification shall include evidence that the port attempted to identify potential consultants. (2) The commission shall ensure that the costs, fees, or rates negotiated in filed sole source contracts of fifty thousand dollars or more are reasonable.

What are the requirements for des approval of sole source contracts?

RCW 39.26 requires DES approval of sole source contracts prior to start of work and review of emergency contracts. Review and approval is conducted by DES and is based on contract filings submitted by state agencies for certain categories contracts and amendments.

How do I file sole source and emergency contracts?

Sole source and emergency contracts are filed with the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) exclusively through the Sole Source Contracts Database (SSCD). SSCD was developed to automate many of the tasks associated with filing sole source and emergency contracts.