What is A5 Ward Addenbrookes?

Neuro-oncology – A5 Caring for patients who require surgery or treatment for conditions relating to the brain and spine.

Where is Ward A5 in Addenbrookes?

Ward A5 is/are located on level 5 of the Main Hospital building. Access to Ward A5 is via the Main Hospital Entrance. Enter via the Main Hospital Entrance and turn right onto the main concourse. Turn left and continue ahead.

Is Addenbrookes a teaching hospital?

Addenbrooke’s is a centre of medical excellence. As an internationally known university teaching hospital, it is a natural centre for specialist services dealing with rare or complex conditions needing the most modern facilities, up-to-date treatment and the best doctors.

How many staff work at Addenbrookes?

11000 staff
Employer heading Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) NHS Foundation Trust comprises Addenbrooke’s Hospital and the Rosie Hospital in Cambridge. With over 11000 staff and over 1100 beds the priorities of the Trust focus on a quality service which is all about people – patients, staff and partners.

What is Ward C8 at Addenbrookes?

Ward C8 is specialised in the care of trauma and orthopaedic patients, although some outliers may come here depending on bed availability. There are 37 inpatient beds on this ward. Please note that you may be required to move from one part of the ward to another depending on your needs and the needs of others!

What is Ward M4 Addenbrookes?

Ward M4 is/are located on level 4 of the Addenbrooke’s Treatment Centre. Access to Ward M4 is via the Addenbrooke’s Treatment Centre Main Entrance. Enter via the Addenbrooke’s Treatment Centre Main Entrance. The main reception is located straight ahead. Turn right and proceed to the main lifts located on the right.

Where is the discharge lounge at Addenbrookes hospital?

Getting To (Discharge Lounge) The Discharge Lounge is/are located inside Ward G3 on Level 3 of the main hospital building. Access to the Discharge Lounge is via the main hospital entrance. Enter via the Main Hospital Entrance and bear right as you enter the reception lobby.

Who owns Addenbrookes Hospital?

the United Cambridge Hospitals
The Board of Governors of the United Cambridge Hospitals responsible for Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Mill Road Maternity Hospital, Brookfields Hospital Mill Road, Chesterton Hospital, and The Home of Recovery Hunstanton. 1951 Hills Road site purchased for £4,350.

How many beds does Addenbrookes?

Addenbrooke’s Hospital
Affiliated university University of Cambridge Medical School
Emergency department Yes – Major Trauma Centre
Beds 1,000

What does Addenbrookes Specialise in?

Addenbrooke’s provides emergency, surgical and medical care for local people and is also a regional centre of excellence for specialist services such as organ transplantation, neurosciences, paediatrics and genetics.

How big is Addenbrookes?

Addenbrooke’s Hospital
Emergency department Yes – Major Trauma Centre
Beds 1,000
Opened 1766

What Ward is eau5 Addenbrookes?

Ward EAU 5 can be found on level 5 of the hospital. From the main hospital entrance: Turn right as you enter through the revolving doors into the concourse, turn left and walk past the hairdresser, across the corridor to the C and D Ward lifts. Use the stairs or lift to go up to level 5 and follow signs for EAU 5.