What is an elite Colour?

Elite Color™ is created using our patent-pending micro-blend technology. Micro-blend technology gives the color the perfect blend, allowing them to have the strongest pigmentation and giving them the most vibrant intense color in the world. This line is F.D.A.

Are Li pigments organic?

Over 18 years ago, LI Pigments introduced within our Private Label sector, an organic pigment line based on consistent high quality, uniformity in light fastness, and a refined formulation.

What is elite dust?

Red Wood Master Elite Dust by The Sugar Art (TSA). Master Elite colors are intensely pigmented powdered food coloring, intended to tint royal icing, fondant, buttercream and isomalt. It is not a fat soluble product and will not work to color chocolate. 1/2 oz. net, Kosher and made with FDA approved ingredients.

How do you use sugar art elite colors?

How to use Master Elites in Royal Icing:

  1. Use very little powder in your royal icing.
  2. Activate the powder in 2-3 drops of water, mixing the color crystals and allowing them to dissolve.
  3. Add the mixture to your main batch of icing and mix thoroughly.

Are Li pigments good?

Li Pigments® has recognized the need for, not only safe pigments that last in the skin, but pigments that will hold true to color over time and not change. Li Pigments® realized that with a few simple formula modifications and a unique mixing process, they had developed a pigment line that would outperform any other.

Where are Li pigments manufactured?

OUR FACILITY. Li Pigments is a Certified Cosmetic Manufacturer headquartered in New Jersey. The facility and warehouse encompasses the administration, production lab, stability quality control, and packaging departments.

Can you paint with master elites?

They cannot be used for chocolate as they are not fat soluble, or for anything other than tinting such as painting and airbrushing – but don’t worry, there are products for that which you will love!

How do you mix master elite colors?

Do Li pigments contain iron oxide?

LI Pigment Products contain iron oxides that are synthesized instead of naturally sourcing to ensure the highest level of purity. All iron oxides are considered to contain metal, natural or synthetic, because they contain iron.

How long do pigments last?

Unopened containers of pigment typically have a shelf life from 3-5 years from the date of manufacturing if kept in a cool, dry place and not exposed to any extreme temperatures or UV Rays.

What is the difference between Aqua and velvet Li pigments?

What is the difference between Aqua and Velvet? Aqua is a cream, water-based formulation; Velvet is a glycerine base formulation. Because of this Velvet will be thicker. However, since both are manufactured at our facilities, there is no problem with mixing the 2 different formulations together.

Is Sugar Art edible?

Sugar art is just like sand art, but better because you can eat it! This easy and creative project uses colored sugar and shaped plastic containers. Just layer the colored sugar to make your own edible designs.