What is an example of suzerainty?

A Suzerain state can belong exclusively to the subservient state but not the other way. For example, the city of St. Petersburg in Russia belongs to Russia as much as Kalmykia. While in the Denmark case, Greenland is only loosely associated with Denmark and is not considered as properly a part of Denmark.

What is suzerain state?

Definition of suzerain 1 : a superior feudal lord to whom fealty is due : overlord. 2 : a dominant state controlling the foreign relations of a vassal state but allowing it sovereign authority in its internal affairs.

What is meant by paramountcy or suzerainty?

Paramountcy of Suzerainty refers to the Princely states accepting British supremacy but enjoyed little freedom in internal affairs.

What is another word for suzerainty?

What is another word for suzerainty?

dominion power
authority command
ascendancy sway
dominance domination
sovereignty rule

How do you use suzerainty?

Suzerainty sentence example. By this arrangement the king and his nobles, clerical and lay, undertook to do homage to Henry and his son; this and other provisions placing both the church and state of Scotland thoroughly under the suzerainty of England.

What countries are suzerain?

Historical suzerainties

  • Principality of Serbia.
  • Principality of Samos.
  • Cretan State.
  • Crimean Khanate.
  • Septinsular Republic.
  • Principality of Bulgaria.
  • Principality of Moldavia.
  • Republic of Ragusa.

What is called paramountcy?

paramountcy – the state of being paramount; the highest rank or authority.

What was paramountcy?

Complete answer: The policy of paramountcy was introduced under Lord Warren Hastings. He was the Governor-General of India from 1813 to 1823. Under this policy, the company became the supreme law, the paramount power and to protect its interest, the company justified the annexations of any Indian kingdom.

What is the difference between a suzerain and a vassal?

The Suzerain would keep one copy of the covenant and the vassal would keep one copy of the covenant. This can be seen with the giving of the Torah, and the reason there were 2 tablets.

What is the etymology of the word suzerain?

History and Etymology for suzerain. French, from Middle French souserain, from sus up (from Latin sursum, from sub- up + versum -ward, from neuter of versus, past participle of vertere to turn) + -erain (as in soverain sovereign) — more at sub-, worth.

What is a good example of a suzerain?

Examples from the Web for suzerain Through them their master acted as the guardian of the young king and the suzerain of the kingdom. China claimed to be suzerain of Corea, a claim which Japan sternly denied. Both as a Sunn and as one who had not owned a suzerain, the position was unpleasant for Bbur.

Which country was a suzerain of the Ottoman Empire?

For example, the Ottoman Empire was the suzerain in its relationships with Moldova, the principality of Serbia, and Wallachia, and for years China was a suzerain to Mongolia. Think you’ve got a good vocabulary?