What is Bahawalnagar famous for?

Bahawalnagar is an agricultural area with the consumption of wheat products and drinks of Lassi which are popular among the population across the Punjab province.

Is Bahawalnagar and Bahawalpur same?

Bahawalnagar District (Urdu and Punjabi: ضلع بہاولنگر), is a district of Punjab province in Pakistan. Before the independence of Pakistan, Bahawalnagar was part of Bahawalpur state governed by the Nawab of Bahawalpur. The city of Bahawalnagar is the capital of the district.

What is the old name of Bahawalnagar?

Rojhan Waali Basti
Its old name was Rojhan Waali Basti. In 1904, the Nawab of Bahawalpur, Muhammad Bahawal Khan V (1883–1907), named this region as Bahawalnagar. From 1723 to 1947, it was part of the Bahawalpur District.

How many districts are there in Bahawalnagar division?

The city of Bahawalnagar is the headquarter of the district and tehsil as well. It is the 54th largest city of Pakistan by population according to the 2017 census…..Bahawalnagar.

Bahawalnagar بہاول نگر
Province Punjab
Division Bahawalpur
District Bahawalnagar
Union councils 118

What is the postal code of Bahawalnagar?

Bahāwalnagar, Bahawalnagar, Punjab – South is located in Pakistan. Its zip code is 62300.

Is Bahawalnagar safe?

Crime rates in Bahawalnagar, Pakistan

Level of crime 31.25 Low
Problem people using or dealing drugs 50.00 Moderate
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft 60.00 High
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery 55.00 Moderate
Problem corruption and bribery 95.00 Very High

How many tehsil are there in Bahawalnagar?

District Bahawalnagar spreads over an area of 8878 square kilometers and comprises of the following tehsils: Bahawalnagar. Minchanabad. Chishtian.

What is postal code of Fort Abbas?

Fort Abbas, Bahawal Nagar – Postcode – 62020.