What is CANopen heartbeat?

The heartbeat message is identified by a CAN-ID of 0x700 + the node ID, where the first data byte is equal to 1110. In the node guarding protocol, the CANopen master polls the slave nodes for their current state information.

What does CANopen stand for?


Acronym Definition
CANopen Controller Area Network, the Open Communication Solution Dissemination Project

Where is CANopen used?

It was designed originally for motion-oriented machine control systems, such as handling systems. Today it is used in various application fields, such as medical equipment, off-road vehicles, maritime electronics, railway applications, or building automation. Please find the CANopen history here.

What is PDO in CANopen?

Process data objects (PDOs) are used in CANopen for broadcasting high-priority control and status information. A PDO consists of a single CAN frame and communicates up to 8 byte of pure application data. Device designers have to evaluate the amount of process data that the device needs to receive and transmit.

What is CANopen master?

The CANopen Master/Slave Stack is a software library that provides all communication services according to communication profile CiA301, v4. 2 and master features according to CiA302-2. The CANopen Master Stack is written in ANSI-C and it is MISRA conform.

What is SDO CANopen?

Service data objects (SDOs) enable access to all entries of a CANopen object dictionary. One SDO consists of two CAN data frames with different CAN-Identifiers. This is a confirmed communication service.

What is SDO and PDO in CANopen?

Process Data Object (PDO) is used to transmit the application data. The application data is transmitted without any protocol overhead in broadcast. Service Data Object (SDO) is used to gain access to all device parameters. SDO is used for direct device-to-device communication.

What is PDO and SDO in CANopen?

What is CANopen and how does it work?

CANopen was originally designed for motion-oriented machine control systems. Today, CANopen is extensively used in motor control (stepper/servomotors) – but also a wide range of other applications: CANopen is a “higher layer protocol” based on CAN bus.

What does 00 16 mean in a CANopen device?

In Operational state all CANopen functions are provided. If the CAN data frame contains 00 16, it is interpreted as Boot-up message indicating that this CANopen device has just entered the network. This happens after initial power-on, a power-cycle as well as after application and communication reset.

What is the COB-ID in CANopen?

The COB-ID, commonly referred to in CANopen, consists of the CAN-ID and the control bits. In CANopen, the 11-bit CAN ID is split into two parts: a 4-bit function code and a 7-bit CANopen node ID. The 7-bit size limitation restricts the amount of devices on a CANopen network to 127 nodes.

How to use the heartbeat protocol on a device?

To use the heartbeat protocol on a device, you must set the value of the producer heartbeat time object to a non-zero value. Otherwise, the device does not transmit heartbeat messages to other devices.