What is ContentPresenter?

The concept of ContentPresenter is quite simple – it is a placeholder for any XAML content and it can be used to insert content at runtime. Or we can say that ContentPresenter is a class that will automatically take the content of the ContentControl and display it, when placed into a ContentControl’s ControlTemplate.

What is ContentControl WPF?

Content Control is a base class that provides standardised functionality to WPF Controls. The Content Control class represents controls that can include a single item of content. This content is commonly plain text or a child control. Content Control is a subclass of the Control class in WPF.

What is content view in Xamarin forms?

The Xamarin. Forms ContentView class is a type of Layout that contains a single child element and is typically used to create custom, reusable controls. The ContentView class inherits from TemplatedView .

What is ItemTemplate WPF?

You use the ItemTemplate to specify the visualization of the data objects. If your ItemsControl is bound to a collection object and you do not provide specific display instructions using a DataTemplate, the resulting UI of each item is a string representation of each object in the underlying collection.

What is the use of contentpresenter?

A ContentPresenter is often used to apply characteristics to text content, which are set into a Content property using only a string for the text (or some indirect equivalent such as a Binding or a RESX resource). For this reason the properties of a ContentPresenter are similar to the properties of the TextElement class.

Why is the contentpresenter inside a border?

The ContentPresenter is within a Border in the composition; it’s common for content controls to have the ContentPresenter nested within one other parent element, and that parent element often template-binds some of the control properties that a ContentPresenter doesn’t have.

How does the contentpresenter convert content to a text block?

If there is a TypeConverter that converts the type of Content to a string, the ContentPresenter uses that TypeConverter and creates a TextBlock to contain that string. The TextBlock is displayed. If the content is an XmlElement, the value of the InnerText property is displayed in a TextBlock.

What is the use of contentpresenter’s fontweight property?

Gets or sets the top-level font weight for the text content presented by the ContentPresenter. Equivalent WinUI property: Microsoft.UI.Xaml.Controls.ContentPresenter.FontWeight.