What is Dieter Zetsche doing now?

Dieter Zetsche (German pronunciation: [ˌdiːtɐ ˈtsɛtʃə]; born on 5 May 1953) is a German engineer and business executive. He is the chairman of TUI AG.

What car does Dieter Zetsche drive?

BMW i8 Roadster
However, on reaching home, the video shows the garage door opening and Zetsche driving a BMW i8 Roadster. And the ad’s punchline is “Free at last”. The end of the video was also a beautiful tribute for Zetsche’s long contribution to the automobile world.

Did Dieter Zetsche drive BMW?

Dieter, then hands over his badge at the front desk and is driven home in a black Mercedes-Benz S Class. He waits for the chauffeur to leave, and some time later, comes out of his garage driving a BMW i8 Roadster. The video ends with BMW thanking Dieter Zetsche for “so many years of inspiring competition”.

How much does the CEO of Mercedes-Benz make?

What is the salary for CEO at Mercedes-Benz? The salary for CEO at Mercedes-Benz is $201,000 annually.

Who is Daimler owned by?

Daimler Company

5½-litre 150 bhp Straight-Eight drop-head coupé 1949
Product type Motor vehicles
Owner Jaguar Land Rover (since 2013)
Country United Kingdom
Introduced 1891

How much does the BMW CEO make?

Oliver Zipse is a German manager who has been serving as Chairman of the Board of Management (CEO) of BMW since 16 August 2019. Wallmine.com Apr 2020: As the Chairman of the Management Board of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, the total compensation of Oliver Zipse at Bayerische Motoren Werke AG is $3,460,230.

Is Dieter Zetsche still CEO of Daimler?

Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche to quit in 2019 26.09.2018. The chief executive of German carmaker Daimler, Dieter Zetsche, will resign from his post in May 2019, the Stuttgart-based company has announced. His contract would have expired in December of next year.

Who is the current CEO of Daimler Chrysler?

Since 1 January 2006 he succeeded Jürgen Schrempp as Chairman of DaimlerChrysler (now Daimler AG), being succeeded in the position of Chrysler Group CEO by Thomas W. LaSorda . Zetsche was the main influence behind the demerger of Daimler and Chrysler in 2007, which ended in the newly formed Daimler AG.

How old is Dieter Zetsche?

Dieter Zetsche ( German pronunciation: [ˌdiːtɐ ˈtsɛtʃə]; born on 5 May 1953) is a German engineer and business executive. He is the chairman of TUI AG.

Who is Dr Z in the Chrysler commercial?

On 30 June 2006 Chrysler Group announced the Employee Pricing Plus program, which featured Dieter Zetsche as Dr. Z (Doctor Zee ), the DaimlerChrysler spokesman for a series of United States and Canadian television commercials, also animated in cartoon format on the company’s Ask Dr. Z website, which began on 1 July.