What is DOTS program in TB?

What is DOT? DOT means that a trained health care worker or other designated individual (excluding a family member) provides the prescribed TB drugs and watches the patient swallow every dose.

How long is TB DOTS program?

The Program: DOTS for TB consists of a) diagnosing cases, b) treating patients for 6-8 months with drugs, and c) promoting adherence to the relatively difficult treatment regimen. Track record: When strictly followed, the treatment regimen cures TB and prevents death.

WHO TB treatment DOTS?

Directly observed treatment, short-course (DOTS, also known as TB-DOTS) is the name given to the tuberculosis (TB) control strategy recommended by the World Health Organization. According to WHO, “The most cost-effective way to stop the spread of TB in communities with a high incidence is by curing it.

What is the full form of DOTS?

The full form of DOTS is the Directly Observed Therapy, Short-course. It is also known as TB – DOTS. It refers to a strategy aimed at curing and reducing the risk of TB (tuberculosis) cases.

Which drugs are given in DOTS?

DOTS involved treatment with a four drug regimen. These were isoniazid (INH), Rifampicin (Rif), Prazinamide (PZA) and Ethambutol (EMB) for 6-9 months.

Are DOTS effective?

Conclusion: DOTS is a very effective strategy to treat tuberculosis patients. Good counseling of the patients by the doctors and TB health care worker can further minimize the risk of treatment default.

Are DOTS free?

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When did DOTS start in India?

Introduction: The Revised National TB Control Programme (RNTCP), based on the internationally recommended Directly Observed Treatment Short-course (DOTS) strategy, was launched in 1997 expanded across the country in a phased manner with support from World Bank and other development partners.

Is DOTS in TB effective?

What is the latest TB Report of India 2019?

India Tb Report 2019 ( Release Date :03/10/2019 ) Guidelines for condemnation & replacement of TB Lab equipment ( Release Date :10/06/2019 )[PDF] [600 KB] FROM TB SURVIVORS TO TB CHAMPIONS: A TRAINING CURRICULUM ( Release Date :03/10/2019 ) Policy Framework to address TB ( Release Date :01/10/2019 )

What is the aim of the Tuberculosis Association of India?

of India is a Voluntary Organization. Its aims – Relief of tuberculosis. The Tuberculosis Association of India (TAI) has been serving the cause of tuberculosis since 1939. It is one of the oldest and largest voluntary organizations having its affiliates all over the country.

Where can I find the chest clinic in Delhi?

CHEST CLINIC R.K. ContactPerson – Dr. S.K. Biswas Ph. 25768608. Contact Person – Dr. Bebita Mittal Ph. : 25781396. 75 A, Baba Farid Puri, Near Gopal Dairy, Chote Singh Factory, Contact Person – Mr. Michel Ph. : 20052006 Delhi Government Dispensary, Shahabad Mohammad Pur , Delhi-61.

When will the dodo letter on TB be released?

DO letter from Joint Secretary (Policy & NTEP) regarding engagement of influential persons including religious leaders and networks in fight against TB ( Release Date :15/02/2021 )[PDF] [716 KB] RFP document for e tender of PPSA in the state of Uttar Pradesh