What is flexera app portal?

Flexera App Portal is a universal enterprise app store for desktop, cloud, and mobile applications that enables IT to maintain the control necessary to ensure compliance with licensing agreements and corporate policy while reducing software costs and maximizing software usage.

What is application packaging and deployment?

Application packaging and deployment is a way for enterprises and large organizations to standardize and streamline the way they put software on users’ devices. The process involves creating an application package for each piece of software that a business unit (HR, Finance, etc.)

What is Portal app?

A portal application is a Web-accessible, interactive tool on a secured website that delivers both related and unrelated applications, services and links. Portal applications provide data in an easily understandable format, modify or manipulate the data, and communicate with companies or individuals about the data.

What is flexera agent?

The Flexera Inventory Agent is capable of gathering specific inventory details around hardware (like BIOS, UUID details on Linux, MAC address in Solaris, etc.) and software usage tracking for IBM Peak Value Utilization (PVU) and Oracle License Management Services (LMS).

What are the system requirements to install adminstudio Enterprise Server?

RAM 4 GB or greater (8 GB preferred) Hard Disk Space 100 GB or greater Operating System Windows Server 2008 R2 or later / English base language (WindowsServer 2012 preferred) IIS IIS 7.0 or later .NET .NET Framework 4.0 MSXML MSXML 6.0 Note • MSXML is installed by the AdminStudio Enterprise Server / Workflow Manager installer.

What is the adminstudio Activation Service?

Reactivating AdminStudio on a Different Computer AdminStudio uses a security technology known as the Activation Service. With this licensing software, the user of the installed product is required to “activate” via communication with a Flexera Software-hosted server.

What can I do with the adminstudio enterprise free trial?

Download the AdminStudio Enterprise FREE trial today to improve service quality and streamline service delivery of physical, virtual and mobile applications: Test, fix and package MSI and virtual packages, and cut MSI packaging time by up to 70%.

How do I install adminstudio 2021?

You can install AdminStudio 2021 either by using the installation wizard or silently via command line. • Installing AdminStudio Using the Installation Wizard • Installing AdminStudio Silently Via CommandLine