What is gulargambone famous for?

corrugated galahs
Small rural town famous for its corrugated galahs. Gulargambone is a tiny rural service centre located on the Castlereagh River and just off the Castlereagh Highway midway between Gilgandra and Coonamble.

What Aboriginal land is gulargambone on?

Gulargambone is in the south-east of the Murdi Paaki Region in the Brewarrina Shire. Our people are members of the Weilwan and Kawambarai language groups.

How many people live in Gulargambone?

Gulargambone is a small town in the central west plains of New South Wales, Australia, on the banks of the Castlereagh River, in Coonamble Shire. It is 382 km (and 490 km by road) north west of Sydney….Gulargambone.

Gulargambone New South Wales
Population 400 (2016 census)
Postcode(s) 2828

Who are the Wailwan people?

The Wailwan people inhabit the area between Gilgandra and Brewarrina in Central Western NSW, centered around the town of Warren. From 1860 to 1890 their population reduced from around 30,000 to 800 and became almost extinct. They were mark markers and tree carvers with intricate totems and symbols.

What is Wailwan totem?

It is a faithful rendition of the legendary Glyphs of their Ancestors. Each Wailwan has their own totemic symbol along with Clan symbols which they use to produce this exciting work – the symbols of a lost tribe.

How do you say hello in kamilaroi?

As you learn more Gamilaraay words you can start using less English….

When meeting people
Yaama maliyaa. Hello friend / mate.
Yaama baawaa. Hello sister.
Yaama dhagaan. Hello brother.
When leaving

What Aboriginal nation is Wiradjuri?

The Wiradjuri are the largest Aboriginal group in central New South Wales, by area and population. The people of the Wiradjuri country are known as “people of three rivers” being the Macquarie river (Wambool), Lachlan River (Kalari) and the Murrumbidgee River (Murrumbidjeri) which border their lands.

What is kamilaroi totem?

Knowing ones totem allows for an individual to understand their own relationship to a language group and to other Aboriginal people, giving them a connection to their sacred country. Those individuals who share the same totem often share a special bond. Kamilaroi totems include: Dilby the Crow and. Kaputhin the Eagle.

What nation is Kamilaroi?

The Gamilaraay, also rendered Kamilaroi, Kamillaroi and other variations, are an Aboriginal Australian people whose lands extend from New South Wales to southern Queensland. They form one of the four largest Indigenous nations in Australia.

Where is the Kamilaroi tribe located?

New South Wales
The Kamilaroi people and their neighbours, the Euahlayi, Ngemba, and Murrawarri, are an Aboriginal cultural grouping located in the northwest and north central of New South Wales. They have a rich history, but have been missed in much of the literature concerned with sky knowledge in culture.