What is Idsp?

Integrated Disease Surveillance Project (IDSP) is a decentralized, state based surveillance programme in the country. It is intended to detect early warning signals of impending outbreaks and help initiate an effective response in a timely manner.

What are the principles of disease surveillance?

As in disasters, the principles of surveillance (data collection, data analysis, response to data, and assessment of response) and other public health techniques should be an integral part of relief efforts.

What are the core functions of surveillance?

The core surveillance functions include case detection, registration and confirmation, reporting, data analysis, epidemic preparedness and response, and provision of feedback.

What is the objective of IDSP?

Objectives: To strengthen/maintain decentralized laboratory based IT enabled disease surveillance system for epidemic prone diseases to monitor disease trends and to detect and respond to outbreaks in early rising phase through trained Rapid Response Team (RRTs)

Which is type of IDSP?

Depending on the level of reporting of the health staff, disease surveillance under IDSP are of three types as follows:- Syndromic. : Cases are reported on the basis of signs & symptoms by health workers. Presumptive: Cases are diagnosed and reported based on typical history and clinical examination by Medical Officers …

How is data collected in IDSP?

Under IDSP data is collected on epidemic prone diseases on weekly basis (Monday–Sunday). The information is collected on three specified reporting formats, namely “S” (suspected cases), “P” (presumptive cases) and “L” (laboratory confirmed cases) filled by Health Workers, Clinicians and Laboratory staff respectively.

What is IHIP in IDSP?

IHIP :: Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme(IDSP)

What are different types of forms for surveillance under IDSP?

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