What is included in NASCAR pit pass?

You will be given access to the garages, haulers, and even pit road for the race. And endless chances to see and met the stars that you have only seen on TV in the past. These passes are good for all of your series events including practice, qualifying, and the race.

What are pit passes?

Your pit pass, sometimes also known as a cold pit pass, grants you access to roam around pit road, the area of the track where drivers come for their pit stop during the race. As the race nears, you will see the crews begin their final preparations for the race and the cars being rolled out….

How much are Daytona infield tickets?

A new Daytona 500 ticket package is being offered for $145 per person. Gone are the days of the $50 infield entry supplemental ticket. So what does capacity mean to ticket prices this year. The most expensive 2022 Daytona 500 race tickets are going for prices as high as $7954.00.

How much is a pit pass for Daytona 500?

Daytona 500 Tickets Cost – $95-$695 GA

Section Price ($)
Pit Lower 135-195
Pit Middle 210
Pit Upper 230
Start/Finish Lower 190

What is a pre-race pit pass?

Take your NASCAR experience to the next level with a Pre-Race Pit Pass! This pass allows you to walk on pit road and the frontstretch of Homestead-Miami Speedway. $50 Pre-Race Pit Pass includes: Access to pits on both Saturday and Sunday during specified times. Ability to take pictures of drivers, cars and pit crews.

How much does a beer cost at Daytona 500?

How Much Is A Beer At The Daytona 500? There is a $4-to-$5 price range for soda and water, and an $8-to-$9 price range for beer.

What is a NASCAR garage pass?

All Pit Access is at the discretion of NASCAR officials. Garage passes are issued by NASCAR and are reserved for team members and their guests and are not for sale to the public. Autograph: We do not know when drivers will be on Pit Road. We cannot guarantee autographs.