What is khareef season in Oman?

Khareef (Arabic: خَرِيْف, romanized: Kharīf, autumn) is a colloquial Arabic term used in southern Oman, southeastern Yemen, southwestern Saudi Arabia and Sudan for the southeastern monsoon. The monsoon affects Dhofar and Al Mahrah Governorates from about June to early September.

What causes the khareef?

Meanwhile, some moisture from the southeast flow off the Arabian Sea that leads to khareef season also helps fuel daily thunderstorms over the mountains of western Yemen and southwestern Saudi Arabia during the summer. As a result, summer rainfall is very important for the southern Arabian Peninsula.

What is Khareef Salalah?

Khareef is an Arabic word for the Autumn season. This is the most prominent season in Salalah, the southern city in Oman. The weather in Salalah is very pleasant in the mid of year, from late June to early September, every year. This is the period of Khareef.

Which month is best for Salalah?

Therefore, the best time to visit Salalah is all year round. The optimum weather is between October and April, in May and September it continues to be good, as they are months of transition. From June to August the climate is humid thanks to the monsoon, but the temperatures cool down.

How is Salalah in December?

The first month of the winter, December, is still a warm month in Salalah, Oman, with average temperature varying between 18.8°C (65.8°F) and 28.7°C (83.7°F). An excellent water temperature of 26°C (78.8°F) and 1.1mm (0.04″) of accumulated rainfall makes December a prime for swimming and other water activities.

Is Salalah Green in May?

Summer in Salalah, Oman starts from June and continues till August. The temperature is high compared to the rest of the season, yet it is not uncomfortable. The monsoons start from July, although it does not rain incessantly. This “green season of Salalah” is the best time to visit Salalah.

What is special about Salalah in Oman?

What is Salalah known for? Salalah is known for its unique Khareef (monsoon) festival, in which the whole city turns green and attracts visitors from all around the world. It is the second-largest city in Oman, but the biggest in Dhofar, and the biggest seaport in the Arab Peninsula.

How many people visit Salalah?

MUSCAT: The number of visitors to Salalah tourism season 2019 touched 766,772 recording a decline by 7.2 per cent compared to 2018 season.

What is Khareef in Oman?

Khareef, which means ‘autumn’ in Arabic, is a period of seasonal weather in the southern Dhofar governorate of Oman. It causes the lands to become covered in green, the hills to be surrounded by white fog, and light rain to drizzle almost 24 hours a day.

What happens during Khareef Festival?

During the Khareef festival, the wadi is fully covered with greeneries all around. There’s a beautiful lake present there, along with green mountain ranges, which are surrounded by white fog and a few mesmerising waterfalls.

What is Khareef in Salalah?

Khareef is the time when tourists from all over the globe visit the city of Salalah to be a part of this natural wonder. The Ministry of Tourism in Oman carries out this unique ‘Khareef Festival’, also known as the ‘Salalah Tourist Festival’, to celebrate the spectacular season in Oman.

What to do during khareef season in Pakistan?

During khareef season, it becomes completely covered with green vegetation. It has a big beautiful lake, green mountains that are surrounded with white fog, and amazing waterfalls. Visitors can take an unforgettable boat trip through the lake in Wadi Darbat, or stop off at the many stalls selling fresh fruit around the wadi.