What is meant by furan?

Definition of furan : a cyclic flammable liquid compound C4H4O that is obtained from wood oils of pines or made synthetically and is used especially in organic synthesis also : any of various derivatives of furan.

What are furans used for?

Furan is a volatile (boiling point = 31.4°C) cyclic ether found in cigarette smoke, and is used in the production of resins and lacquers, agrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals (Goldmann, Périsset, Scanlan, & Stadler, 2005).

Why are furans toxic?

Furan induces hepatocellular tumors in rats and mice and bile duct tumors in rats with a high incidence. Epidemiological studies are not available. It is assumed that cis-2-butene-1,4-dial, the reactive metabolite of furan, is the causative agent leading to toxicity and carcinogenicity.

What is love Webster?

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What is pyran and furan?

is that pyran is (chemistry) any of a class of heterocyclic compounds containing a ring of five carbon atoms and an oxygen atom; especially the simplest one, c5h6o while furan is (organic chemistry) any of a class of aromatic heterocyclic compounds containing a ring of four carbon atoms and an oxygen atom; especially …

Who discovered furan?

Discovery of furfural

1821 Birthday of furfural – the German Chemist, Döbereiner first discovered furfural.
1835-40 Emmett observed that furfural can be obtained from most vegatable substances.
1840 Stenhous assigned the correct empirical formula, C5H4O2 of furfural and recognized the resin-forming tendency of furfural.

Where does furans come from?

Dioxins and furans are the common names for a group of chemicals that are formed during combustion processes such as waste incineration, power generation, metal production, and fuel burning. These compounds are found in small amounts in the air, water and soil.

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How do you name pyran?

In chemistry, pyran, or oxine, is a six-membered heterocyclic, non-aromatic ring, consisting of five carbon atoms and one oxygen atom and containing two double bonds. The molecular formula is C5H6O….Pyran.

IUPAC name 2H-Pyran, 4H-Pyran
Other names 2H-Oxine, 4H-Oxine
CAS Number 289-66-7 (2H) 289-65-6 (4H)