What is nLight control?

nLight is a distributed, intelligent digital lighting controls platform featuring the most advanced technologies to meet the demand for greater functionality while helping to reduce energy consumption and energy code compliance.

How does nLight system work?

nLIGHT connects together intelligent digital devices, including occupancy sensors, photocells, power/relay packs, wall switches, dimmers, panels, and now even luminaires. Combined, this creates a system with “distributed intelligence” that can be configured in limitless ways to meet lighting needs and codes.

What is Lithonia nLight?

nLight® The nLight solution is a digital networked lighting control system that provides both energy savings and increased user configurability by cost effectively integrating time-based, daylight-based, sensor-based and manual lighting control schemes. SensorSwitch™

What is nLight air?

nLight® AIR is wireless lighting control within the nLight platform, delivering networked lighting controls that are easy to specify, install, and use.

Who owns Acuity Brands?

Beginning in 2005, Nagel led a restructuring effort that resulted in splitting Acuity Brands into two distinct, publicly-traded brands in July 2007. The company’s chemical division, Acuity Specialty Products, spun off as Zep, Inc. and included the Zep, Enforcer, and Selig brands.

What is clarity now?

ClarityNOW is a business planning and business tracking tool, built by a Real Estate Coach (not a tech company), to help you create and ultimately hit your goals!

How do you adjust a Wsx sensor switch?

Sensor Switch WSX Programming Instructions

  1. You have to press and hold the push button on your device until it flashes.
  2. Now, select the appropriate function.
  3. When you selected the function, the flashes will begin.
  4. While LED flashes back on the new setting, press and holds the button.

How many locations does Acuity Brands have?

Acuity Brands Corporate Headquarters and Office Locations Acuity Brands is headquartered in Atlanta, GA and has 6 offices located throughout the US.

What is nLight ®?

nLight ® is your network lighting controls system with wired or wireless options, that is easy to specify, install, and use that grows with your business today and tomorrow. With nLight, you can control indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly while reducing energy costs, aiding in building code compliance, improving occupant comfort, and much more.

Why choose nlyte for power management?

“With Nlyte, we not only freed up half a megawatt of power, but also extended the life of our data center from five to 15 years.” Nlyte delivered with asset lifecycle management, real-time power information, and the customer’s favorite – workflow management.

Is nlyte a data center or enterprise solution?

“Nlyte is not just a data center solution. It’s an enterprise solution for all of IT. It’s all about high reliability.” Sandia turned to Nlyte to automate the tracking of their assets, power and trending with real-time metrics.

What are nLight enabled luminaires?

nLight enabled luminaires contain controls devices either within or attached to the fixtures that provide a seamless connection to the nLight network.