What is output current of 7805 IC?

It is a fixed linear voltage regulator. The xx present in 78xx represents the value of the fixed output voltage that the particular IC provides. For 7805 IC, it is +5V DC regulated power supply.

What is the output voltage of 7805?

+5 volts
The LM7805 is a voltage regulator that outputs +5 volts. Like most other regulators in the market, it is a three-pin IC; input pin for accepting incoming DC voltage, ground pin for establishing ground for the regulator, and output pin that supplies the positive 5 volts.

What is the input voltage of 7805?

Product Information

Manufacturer Part No L7805CV
Input Voltage Min: 10V
Input Voltage Max: 35V
Product Range: 7805 Voltage Regulators
Output Current: 1.5A

What is the maximum input voltage of 7805 regulator?

Basic Operation The 7805 is perhaps the most commonly used linear regulator available. Input voltage can range from 7 – 35VDC and it outputs a fixed 5V at over 1A of current and up to 2.2A of surge current. For basic operation, no external components are required.

How to use a 7805 voltage regulator?

(TO-92) This is a 5V, 100mA device that looks like a small transistor. This voltage regulator IC can deliver a fixed or adjustable voltage from an external power source. You should bolt the 7805 regulators to a metal heat sink using the hole at the top. There are 3 main keys, you should know about 7805 for smooth operation.

What is the output voltage of a 7805 transformer?

Typical output voltage: A typical 7805 delivers 5V. Some model may provide from 4.8V to 5.2V. Load regulation: The load is typically regulated to within 10mV and less than 50mV. Peak output current: The TO220 version of 7805 delivers more than 1A to a load.

What happens if the 7805 regulator IC overheats?

But, its aluminum heatsink mounts to an appropriate heatsink. Internal overload protection: If the 7805 regulator IC operates over too much and starts to overheat. A special thermal overload circuit will automatically turn off the chip until the temperature returns to a safe level.

What are the different types of 7805 power supply?

Other 7805 versions: The 7805 has various versions. The TO-3 version comes in an all-metal can for better heat sinking. A small plastic TO-92 version provides up to 100 mA for low power circuits. In the present, we will often see DPARK, since It is a small size suitable for SMD PCB work.