What is plural form monkey?

noun. mon·​key | \ ˈməŋ-kē \ plural monkeys.

How do you pluralize father in law?

Answer: The plural form of father in law is fathers in law.

How do you change monkeys into plural?

The Quick Answer The plural of monkey is monkeys.

What is the plural of in law?

The plural form of in-law is in-laws.

What is the singular form of monkeys?

monkey ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌

singular monkey
plural monkeys

What is plural form?

adjective. The plural form of a word is the form that is used when referring to more than one person or thing.

Is it fathers ‘- in law or father-in-law’s?

The plural form of father in law is fathers in law. Find more words!

What is plural of sister in law?

sister-in-law. noun. sis·​ter-in-law | \ ˈsi-stər-ən-ˌlȯ \ plural sisters-in-law.

How do you say a group of monkeys?

A group of monkeys, regardless of which species, is called a troop.

Is Mother In Law plural?

mother-in-law. noun. moth·​er-in-law | \ ˈmə-t͟hər-ən-ˌlȯ \ plural mothers-in-law.

What is the plural of father in law?

The plural form of father in law is fathers in law . Find more words! What is the singular of fathers in law? Video Player is loading. This is a modal window.

What is the origin of the word monkey?

Some of the original forms of the word were moneke (German), monnekijn (Dutch), monne (French), and mona (Spanish). The English word, ape, is believed to be from the German language. There is also a good amount of slang regarding the common noun monkey. It has been used to refer to children since the 1600s.

Is it correct to say a group of monkeys?

When talking about monkeys, you will most often use the plural form because they are very social creatures. It’s important to pay attention to subject-verb agreement when using uncommon singular nouns. The collective noun for a group of monkeys is called a mission, tribe, troop, or cartload.

Did you know that monkeys are polygyny?

Monkeys are polygyny, meaning the males will mate with more than one female. Monkeys love to play (think: monkeying around for the present participle or monkeyed for the past participle), cuddle, and will work together to protect one another. Did you know that a monkey was the first living creature in space?