What is Protection Board?

990-31 Protection Board provides protection for all types of waterproofing membranes. Baker 990-31 Protection Board is used as protection of waterproofing membranes against possible damage during backfilling on a wide variety of applications such as foundation walls, roof decks, terraces, planters, promenades, etc.

What is a protection board in construction?

Driwall™ Protection Board is a waterproofing protection and drainage mat that is used after applying the waterproofing membrane to exterior foundation walls to prevent damage when backfilling.

What is protection board waterproofing?

Protection Boards are used to protect the waterproofing membrane against possible damage during backfilling and during construction. Waterproofing membranes can be seriously damaged after installation due to negligent construction practices.

What is protection course?

PROTECTION COURSE is a multi-ply, semi-rigid core composed of a mineral-fortified asphalt core formed between two outside layers of asphalt-impregnated reinforced mats, manufactured in accordance with ASTM D 6506.

What is Sopraboard?

SOPRABOARD is a semi rigid, asphaltic roofing substrate board for use in approved multi-ply membrane and flashing assemblies. SOPRABOARD is composed of a mineral fortified asphaltic core formed between two fiberglass reinforcing plies.

Which material is used for waterproofing?

Polyurethane Polyurethane is considered one of the best waterproofing materials. It can be applied seamlessly and penetrates the surface deeply and evenly. Thus, the polyurethane membrane will fill in even the finest cracks in concrete, reducing its water absorbency capacity.

How thick should waterproofing membrane be?

Most are about 2 to 4mm thick. There are essentially 2 types of membranes, sheet based membranes and liquid applied membranes. Ideally, a waterproofing membrane should be strong, flexible, tear-resistant and elastic so that it can stretch to cover cracks and also move with the building.

Is Corflute waterproof?

Corflute is waterproof and Direct-to-Corflute printing means that your message will appear perfectly, no matter the weather. It also retains ink well and because of this, it should only start to fade after years of exposure to UV. Corflute board is exceptionally strong, virtually impossible to tear by hand.

What is a drainage board?

Drainage boards allow water that has reached the walls of a structure to flow harmlessly away. Without drainage boards, water can saturate a building’s walls or pool around its foundation.