What is reflexis used for?

Reflexis Systems, now part of Zebra Technologies, is the leading provider of AI-powered workforce management, task management, execution and communication solutions for multi-site organizations in retail, banking, hospitality, and healthcare.

What is reflexis ESS?

Empower On-site Associates Reflexis Employee Self-Service enables associates to control their schedules—in line with corporate policy—with a single, mobile-first platform to view, edit, and receive approval for schedule changes.

What is a Workforce Scheduler?

A workforce scheduling software tracks the number of hours an employee is putting into the job. So, you can track overtime and better identify situations that result in understaffing or overstaffing.

How do I change my availability on reflexis app?

Availability Changes You can Update your availability from within your profile by tapping on the ‘Availability’ button. The Availability Screen will open where you can update your availability on each day of the week.

Does HR handle scheduling?

In big organizations, employee scheduling is done by the HR management. A well-planned schedule is necessary for the efficient operation of a business.

Can you change availability at work?

Provide as much notice as you possibly can. As a rule of thumb, let your employer know about your change in availability as soon as you know yourself. Oftentimes, your employer expects 30 days’ notice for major scheduled events that affect your availability, such as a surgery or a trip planned far in advance.

How do I attract night shift employees?

So think beyond the shift differential with these situational incentives.

  1. Consider Offering Food. Employer provided snacks and coffee are a great way to help motivate your late night employees.
  2. More Productivity Time. The third shift is naturally quieter.
  3. Less Traffic.
  4. More Daylight Free Time.
  5. More Time With Loved Ones.

When calculating for staffing needs what should be considered?

The rule of thumb method of calculating staffing needs is based on general organizational structure. For example, if the organization has set up its structure to have one operations manager per five line supervisors, then short term staffing will include keeping the same number of supervisors when there is turnover.

Who uses reflexis?

Over 275 global Retailers leverage Reflexis solutions in their Stores, DC’s, Warehouses and Headquarters to simplify execution, improve communication, reduce costs and increase revenue. We have the experience and solutions to help you meet today’s Retail challenges head on AND to be ready for whatever comes next.

What’s included in the reflexis Knowledge Center?

It also contains narrated videos that walk you through using a Reflexis solution – for example, authoring a custom report for your organization in Advanced Analytics & Reporting (AAR). On top of that, Release Notes are made available on the Knowledge Center so you can quickly understand what’s in a new product upgrade.

How do I contact reflexis customer support?

It’s easy to navigate and is accessible by clicking the “Customer Support” link at the top-right of the ReflexisInc.com homepage.

Why reflexis AI solutions?

With Reflexis AI solutions, create and optimize labor budgets, streamline pilot-testing processes, gain actionable intelligence into real-time performance data, and maximize staffing efficiency. Reflexis ONE is far more advanced than any competitive solution.