What is removed in radical mastoidectomy?

A radical mastoidectomy removes the most bone and is indicated for extensive spread of a cholesteatoma. The eardrum and middle ear structures may be completely removed. Usually the stapes (the “stirrup” shaped bone) is spared if possible to help preserve some hearing.

What is canal wall up procedure?

A canal wall up mastoidectomy is one of the types of mastoidectomies that can be performed. This involves exenteration of the mastoid air cells with preservation of the posterior wall of the external auditory canal, creating a mastoid bowl or cavity.

Can the mastoid bone be removed?

A mastoidectomy is a surgery that removes diseased cells from the air-filled spaces in your mastoid bone. Your mastoid is the part of your skull that sits just behind your ear. Mastoidectomy is often used to treat cholesteatoma, or ear infections that have spread into your skull.

What does canal wall down mean?

Sometimes this requires removing all the bony walls within your ear to create an open cavity. This process is called an “open cavity,” “canal wall down,” or a “radical mastoidectomy.” Sometimes the bony partitions can be preserved, resulting in a canal wall up”, or “closed cavity” mastoidectomy.

What is a canal wall down?

Canal wall down (CWD) and canal wall up (CWU) are the surgical techniques used in the treatment of cholesteatoma. These techniques are mainly distinguished by preservation of the external ear canal.

Which is better canal wall up or canal wall down?

Conclusion: The canal wall-down technique is superior to the canal wall-up technique, especially for patients with cholesteatoma. Otitis media is defined as an inflammatory disease of the middle ear that may be infectious or not and focal or generalized.

How long does it take to heal after a mastoidectomy?

Usually, mastoidectomy surgery is done as an outpatient, but expect to take one week off from work or school to allow for recovery. The ear is usually fully healed six weeks to three months after surgery. Most often, mastoidectomy is combined with tympanoplasty (with or without ossicular reconstruction).

What is canal wall down?