What is required for an IPC?

While 14 CFR 61.57(d) does not stipulate a minimum time requirement for the IPC, a good rule of thumb is to plan at least 90 minutes of ground time and at least two hours of flight time for a solid evaluation of the pilot’s instrument flying knowledge and skills.

How many approaches are required for an IPC?

six approaches
You have six calendar months to meet currency requirements, including the six approaches, tracking, and intercepting that are clearly written into your logbook and holding, per FAA requirements. After that, you will be able to complete an IPC (Instrument Proficiency Check).

What is included in instrument proficiency check?

(1) For a pilot in command of an airplane, the instrument proficiency check must include the procedures and maneuvers for a commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating and, if required, for the appropriate type rating.

How often do you need an IPC?

Unlike the Flight Review, the Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) is only required if a pilot’s instrument currency lapses—there is no regularly recurring requirement for an IPC. As long as instrument-rated pilots accomplish the approach currency requirements of 14 CFR 61.57, they may never require an IPC!

What is a IPC check?

The Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) is a flight review for pilots who hold a valid instrument rating but have not recently flown using instrument procedures.

Does IPC count as flight review?

Unfortunately, the IPC cannot substitute for a flight review. They are two different things with different goals and requirements. 14 CFR 61.57d is the governing regulation with regard to the IPC, and it’s pretty short and sweet: (d) Instrument proficiency check.

Who can conduct an IPC?

2. What Is An Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)? Simply, and IPC, conducted by a CFII, is a full review of knowledge and procedures needed to safely fly an aircraft on an instrument flight plan flown under actual or simulated (“under the hood”) instrument meteorological flight conditions.

Can you fail an IPC?

You can’t fail an IPC. It’s like taking a FR—if you don’t meet the standards you just don’t finish in that session.

Does an instrument Checkride count as an IPC?

There is no provision in the regs to allow a checkride for anything to count for an IPC. Your best bet is to get your instructor to sign you off for an IPC, but, since no instruction is required for an IPC, the examiner would probably be willing to do so (unlike a flight review.)

Does a Checkride count as an IPC?

Do I need to be instrument current to give an IPC?

A CFII who is not instrument current can conduct an IPC, though they may not feel personally comfortable doing so.