What is SBI exchange rate?

USD/INR : Indicative Sale Rate

Exchange rate for 05/12/2022 (Updated at 09:12AM ET)
Remittance Amount Rupees
$2,500 to less than $5,000 76.70
$5,000 to less than $25,000 76.75
$25,000 to less than $100,000 76.80

Does SBI do currency exchange?

SBI FX TRADE is an online platform offered by State Bank of India to its customers to trade in the exchange traded Currency Futures. SBI offers its clients the opportunity to trade in four currency pairs namely; USD/INR, EURO/INR, GBP/INR and JPY/INR as permitted by Regulatory authorities SEBI & RBI.

How much does SBI charge for international transaction?


Sl.No Particulars Rs
5. International Transaction Charges ₹100/- min. + 3.5% of Txn. Amt. + GST
3% of transaction amount plus GST
6. Domestic Transaction Charges (At ATM)
Average Monthly Balance (AMB) in Savings Bank Number of free transactions per month (Both Financial and Non-financial)

Which bank is good for exchange rate?

Local banks and credit unions usually offer the best rates. Major banks, such as Chase or Bank of America, offer the added benefit of having ATMs overseas. Online bureaus or currency converters, such as Travelex, provide convenient foreign exchange services.

How can I transfer money from SBI to another country?

Log in to your SBI account. Select ‘International funds transfer’ under the payments/ transfers tab. Remittance application form for fund transfer request will come up. Fill the form and submit it.

What is foreign exchange rate Selling?

Selling rate: Also known as the foreign exchange selling price, it refers to the exchange rate used by the bank to sell foreign exchange to customers. It indicates how much the country’s currency needs to be recovered if the bank sells a certain amount of foreign exchange.

Can I receive USD in my SBI account?

FXOUT facility is available across all SBI branches in the country. Both residents and NRIs can use this facility. You can transfer up to USD 25,000 per transaction subject to a maximum of USD 250,000 in a financial year.

Can I get dollars in SBI?

You can simply walk into any SBI branch, deposit a certain amount of Indian currency and get the equivalent forex amount in the currency of your choice. So for example, if you have Rs 20,000 and you want to exchange that for US dollars, you will get approximately $310, if the current exchange rate stands at about Rs.

Does SBI debit card work internationally?

You can now use your SBI International Debit Card on your most desired International Websites for any purchase transactions.

How do banks exchange foreign currency in India?

The simplest means for currency exchange in India is through an ATM. You could use your ATM Debit Card of the country of residence to withdraw the required amount. Banks may charge an exchange rate transaction fee as well as a service fee when using your ATM card overseas.