What is Seetec work Programme?

Our Work and Health Programme is designed to give you the right support to achieve your true employment potential. We will help you to identify your strengths and find the right job. Don’t worry if you don’t feel ready for work when we first meet. It is our job to help you get ready in a way that works for you.

Where is Seetec based?

Seetec (South East Essex Technology Centre) is a training provider in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Founded in 1984 as a company limited by guarantee and registered charity, Seetec was originally established to deliver IT training to the unemployed through government funded and private provision.

What do Seetec plus do?

Seetec Pluss is a leading provider of work and wellbeing services that inspires thousands of people to find and progress in work each year. Together with Pluss, our specialist social enterprise, we empower individuals, businesses and communities to thrive.

Can I refuse JobPath?

Refusal to sign a Personal Progression Plan would not automatically lead to the application of a penalty rate. Refusal to sign and also failure to agree an action plan with their Case Officer/JobPath Provider, without good cause, will incur a penalty rate as outlined in SW legislation.

Who owns Seetec?

Peter Cooper
Seetec | We Own It. According to its 2016 accounts, Seetec is majority owned and controlled by its managing director, Peter Cooper, who received over £1.6 million in dividends in 2016.

Is Seetec a public company?

Seetec to become UK’s 9th largest employee-owned public services company. Seetec, a leading provider of apprenticeships, skills and justice services announces today (10 Jan) that it is to become the 9th largest employee-owned company in the country.

Who owns Seetec Ireland?

Seetec’s founder and 80 per cent shareholder, Peter Cooper, has sold 51 per cent of the company into an Employee Ownership Trust for the sole benefit of the company’s 2,535 employees.

What does the work and health Programme do?

The Work and Health Programme is an employment support programme which was launched in North West England and Wales in November 2017. The programme will roll out across the rest of England during early 2018. It will provide specialised employment support for people with disabilities and long-term unemployed people.

Is Turas Nua shutting down?

“Winding down of Jobpath and Turas Nua is a very welcome development,” Mattie McGrath. Independent TD Mattie McGrath has said that he welcomes confirmation from The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection that referrals to the Jobpath programme will cease at the end of this year.

What happens after JobPath?

If you find a job, the Jobpath company will continue to work with you while you are in employment for up to a year. It will give particular support during the first few weeks of employment. If you are registered with Jobpath, you can apply for DSP employment support schemes such as Tús or Community Employment.

Is Seetec a private company?

Seetec to Become One of Ireland and the UK’s Largest Employee-Owned Public Services Companies. The company, directly employs over 237 people in Ireland and 2,535 people across the UK.

How long does the work and health Programme last?

3. Your Work and Health Programme will start from when you take part in this meeting with your provider. They will support you for up to 456 days (15 months) from the date you start on the programme, even if your benefit changes. If you find a job, they can support you for up to 182 days (six months) if you need it.