What is Shane Smith worth?

$1 billion
The Canada native served as the firm’s CEO until 2018, when he stepped down to become executive chairman. His current net worth is estimated at $1 billion.

What happened to Shane from Vice?

Shane Smith is still running the show at the company he cofounded, Vice Media Group, since giving up the CEO role in 2018 and later, his controlling shares.

What is Shane Smith doing?

Smith has continued to serve as a correspondent for VICE, appearing in online content as well as the host of VICE’s HBO show and VICE Special Reports.

Where does Shane Smith live?

Santa Monica, California
Shane Smith, mastermind behind Vice’s ever expanding empire, has relocated to Santa Monica, California, where he and his wife, Tamyka, have restored a Spanish Colonial estate as sprawling and grand as his global media ambitions.

Who bought Shane Smith House?

and his wife Susan, who bought the property three years ago for $8.5 million. They acquired the home from Public Storage heir B. Wayne Hughes Jr., and his ex-wife Wendy, according to Dirt. The backyard includes a pool and spa.

How much is VICE Worth?

As a result of the deal, Vice Media was valued at $5.7 billion. In September 2018, Disney wrote down its investment in Vice by $157 million. Disney acquired Fox’s stake in Vice when its acquisition of 21st Century Fox completed in March 2019.

Who owns VICE studios?

Shane Smith is the founder and CEO of VICE, the global youth media brand. One of the industry’s most respected visionaries, Smith is also a critically acclaimed journalist, and the host and executive producer for the Emmy winning news series, VICE, on HBO.

Where is vice based?

Vice Media Group LLC is an American-Canadian digital media and broadcasting company….Vice Media.

Type Private, limited liability company
Founded 1994
Founders Suroosh Alvi Shane Smith Gavin McInnes
Headquarters Montreal, Quebec, Canada (1994–2001) Brooklyn, New York, United States (2001–present)
Key people Nancy Dubuc (CEO)

Who is Shane Smith married to?

Tamyka SmithShane Smith / Spouse