What is silver vark made of?

Fine silver foil or silver leaf, is used to decorate sweets and traditional desserts and spices such as cardamom and sweet paan. They are manufactured mostly in traditional units where the silver is placed between layers of animal intestine obtained from slaughterhouses, and then hammered into a fine foil.

Is silver foil harmful?

Sweets that seem to be coated with silver foil could be adulterated with aluminum. This dangerous metal accumulates within the body tissues and also causes severe damage by entering the brain. If consumed by a pregnant woman, aluminum can harm the placenta and fetus.

Is Kaju Katli non veg?

Varakh, the silver or gold foil coating on Indian sweets such as kaju katli, laddoo and barfi, is made by beating it between ox skins. While this is common knowledge among Jains because of their stringent vegetarianism, the rest of India continues to be largely unaware of this fact.

Why is silver coated on sweets?

The reason why silver leaf is used extensively is not just because it looks grand and opulent, but also because silver has anti-microbial properties and can increase the shelf life of food products.

What is the silver paper on Indian sweets?

With New Year around the corner, you cannot miss the lovely display of mithai and dry fruits decorated with silver leaf or chandi-ka-warq. silver leaf has been a part of Ayurveda medicine since centuries and was adopted into culinary art for garnishing.

Can we eat silver leaf?

The silver foil on your food is a serious health hazard! The Times of India. The silver foil on your food is a serious health hazard!

Is Vark silver edible?

The silver is edible, though flavourless. It is also commonly used in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh as coating on sweets, dry fruits (such as almonds, cashews, and dates), and in sugar balls, betel nuts, cardamom, and other spices. Estimated consumption of Vark is 275 tons (according to BWC- Beauty without cruelty data) annually (c. 2016).

What is the difference between cruelty varakh and silver?

Often, the silver is adulterated with other metals such as aluminum. Aluminum is hazardous for health and carcinogenic in nature. Cruelty varakh is made under extreme unhygienic conditions and is a by-product of the unorganized sector.

What is Vark or Varak?

Today, we will analyze and get into these facts. Vark, varq, Varak or Varakh is a thin delicate malleable foil of very pure silver that is used for garnishing sweets. It is also used as an ingredient in various ayurvedic & herbal products, summer drinks & Chyawanprash etc.

Where to buy vegetarian varakh leaves?

Jainam is another reputed manufacturer and supplier of vegetarian silver and gold leaves and uses fully automatic and computerized machines to produce varakh. Their products are made of 99.99% pure silver and are laboratory certified. The processing and packing pass through extreme consciousness and hygienic standards.