What is simplex Bitcoin?

Simplex is a fin-tech company that provides online merchants with fraud-free payment processing and acts as the credit card processor in the crypto world. The credit card processor is the organization that has contracted with an acquiring bank to process transactions on behalf of the merchants.

Is simplex Bitcoin legit?

Is Simplex legit as a cryptocurrency brokerage? It is legit, yes – but the terminology can still get pretty confusing. You see, some user Simplex reviews point out that the company in question isn’t actually a cryptocurrency brokerage per se… At least not JUST that.

How long does Bitcoin take from Simplex?

Usually, the cryptocurrency is delivered within 5-15 minutes. However, in some cases, due to market demand, it could take up to 3 hours. In case the cryptocurrency has not reached you after 3 hours, please reach out to our support team directly, by clicking on the green icon at the bottom right of the page.

Can I buy Bitcoin on Simplex?

There are 2 ways to purchase cryptocurrency using our services – with a payment card or through the specialized Simplex Banking Account. When pressing the buying option on either page, you will be taken to our checkout, where you can select the typo and amount of cryptocurrency you wish to purchase.

Is simplex a crypto wallet?

Simplex lets you buy cryptocurrencies and pay by credit card, with no account required.

Is simplex a legit company?

Simplex is an authorized financial organization that enables its massive network of partners to use the most extensive range of payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, SWIFT, SEPA, and many more!

Is buying from Simplex safe?

Simplex has created Innovative solutions which guarantee 100% fraud less transactions for users and online platforms. The company also adopted a zero-chargeback guarantee, which is vital for everyone, especially businesses transacting online.

How do I get my money from Simplex?

Our app offers a simple experience which consists of two major steps:

  1. Set the order on the BitPay App.
  2. Enter the credit card details on Simplex and pay. You will receive your funds in the desired wallet.

Who owns simplex crypto?

Simplex was acquired by Nuvei for $250M on May 6, 2021 .

Who owns simplex Crypto?

Does simplex charge a fee?

Simplex’s fees range between 3.5% – 5% of the transaction value. We do apply a minimum fee of 10 USD, which means that if your transaction is for a lower amount, the fee % will be higher than that. Additional fees may be applied if purchasing with a fiat currency other than USD.

How can I get my money back from Simplex?

Unfortunately, due to the irreversible nature of cryptocurrency transactions, we do not offer refunds. Please be aware that once your payment is approved and the cryptocurrency is sent – our part of in the transaction is over as we do not have access to that cryptocurrency anymore.