What is so special about Club 33?

Club 33 is an exclusive club where members are able to enter private dining and lounge areas in almost every Disney park around the world. According to Disney, the Club is named after the address of the original Disneyland Club 33 location, which was 33 Royal Street in New Orleans Square.

How much does it cost to join Disney Club 33?

Another massively popular and highly coveted area in Disneyland (and any Disney Park) is Club 33. Walt created Club 33 for his personal business dealings. Now, Guests pay a very high price to step into the space. Members must pay $33,000 to join as well as the annual fee of $15,000.

How can I get into Disneyland Club 33 without a membership?

The simple answer is, no, there is not a special ticket you can purchase for Club 33. You must either become a member, have a corporate pass, or hope you have a friend who is a member. The value of a Club 33 membership lies within its exclusivity, privacy and its hospitality.

How hard is it to get into Club 33?

There are only two ways to get into Club 33: being an exclusive member, or being invited by one. Membership costs up to $100,000 annually, with a reported $12,500 to $30,000 in additional annual fees. As of 2012, there was a 14-year waiting list for membership applicants.

What is a Disney Club 33 membership?

Members enjoy special access and exceptional service at the Club 33 locations at Walt Disney World Resort. Each venue is uniquely themed to represent Walt and Lillian’s adventures around the world.

Was Walt Disney a 33rd-degree Mason?

Some claim the name alludes to Walt Disney’s rumored status as a 33 rd -degree Mason. In fact, speculation about the club’s nefarious Masonic and Illuminati rituals remain primetime YouTube viewing. But could “the happiest place on Earth” really house such a dark history?

What is the history of Club 33?

Club 33 officially opened on June 15, 1967. Sadly, Disney passed away six months before its completion. Yet, his dream lives on in this legendary club. Its membership has expanded beyond sponsors and dignitaries to include celebrities, and its legend has grown in equal parts.

Can you bring a dog to Disney World Club 33?

Disneyland: How Lawsuits & Lawyers Transformed the Magic, Cosgrove turned the club’s exclusive dining experience into a scene out of Chili’s by inviting everyone and their dog for dinner. (One of the privileges of Club 33 membership is permission to bring a select number of non-member guests to dine each year.)