What is the antidote of arsenic album?

Researchers from West Bengal-based University of Kalyani have developed the antidote called arsenicum album. Its microdoses not only remove arsenic from the body, but they also have the ability to mitigate the ill effects produced by the toxic chemical — they could reduce liver toxicity in mice.

Can homeopathy change personality?

Homeopathic remedies do not profoundly change the personality of the individual rather homeopathic remedies help to restore balance within the personality.

What is the symptoms of arsenic album?

Arsenicum album A person who has frequent colds, sore throats, and chest problems—with burning pain and feelings of weakness, restlessness, and anxiety—may benefit from this remedy. The person’s head may feel hot while the rest of the body is cold, and problems can be worse near midnight.

Is Arsenicum album poisonous?

Since the arsenic oxide in a homeopathic preparation is normally non-existent, it is considered generally safe, although cases of arsenic poisoning from poorly prepared homeopathic treatments sold in India have been reported.

What are the side effects of arsenic?

Symptoms of arsenic poisoning may include:

  • red or swollen skin.
  • skin changes, such as new warts or lesions.
  • abdominal pain.
  • nausea and vomiting.
  • diarrhea.
  • abnormal heart rhythm.
  • muscle cramps.
  • tingling of fingers and toes.

What is Kali Phos Homeopathy used for?

Reckeweg Kali Phosphoricum Biochemic Tablet can help alleviate constant mental and physical exhaustion. This remedy offers various health benefits, like reducing stress, anxiety and depression, increasing stamina, supplementing lack of nerve power, aiding in menstrual problems, and managing urological problems.

What is Lac Caninum used for?

SBL Lac Caninum Dilution is effective for sore throat, diphtheria, and rheumatism. It is also helpful in conditions like weakness, prostration, sinking spells, mastitis, hypersensitivity, erratic pains, rheumatism pains, irregular menses, depression, delusions, sore throat, chancres and ulcers.

Does arsenic cause depression?

Evidence presented suggests that chronic ingestion of arsenic alters a number of intelligence measures and induces learning deficits and mood disorders like depression.

What does arsenic do to the brain?

A number of studies have shown that arsenic induces cognitive deficits in children, even at low concentrations. Arsenic water levels or urinary arsenic levels correlate with poorer performance and scores on intelligence measures, and verbal IQ seems to be the most affected cognitive skill.