What is the app spiffy?

Spiffy is an on-demand car care and technology company powered by this app. From mobile car washing and detailing to oil changes and diagnostics, Spiffy offers a convenient, trusted and professional service. Don’t settle for clean when you can get #SpiffyClean.

Should I tip spiffy?

No, 100% of any added tip amount goes straight to your Spiffy technician!

How many locations does spiffy have?

She has helped scale the Spiffy brand from 2 cities to 29 (and counting!), introduce multiple new service offerings, launch Fleet Management as a Service, and introduce Spiffy Franchising.

Is there an app for car detailing?

Customers want to do everything from the touch of their smartphones, including schedule car wash and detailing appointments. The Washify Car Wash Mobile App makes it easy for users to manage appointments, purchase a wash, and make payments.

How do you pronounce spiffy?

Break ‘spiffy’ down into sounds: [SPIF] + [EE] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.

Do you tip car wash UK?

Is it normal to leave a tip for the car washer here in the UK? I am talking about regular 10£ wash not something special. Thanks. Nope, you pay them in cash, that’s good enough.

Do you tip a detailer?

Tipping is customary in any service industry and car detailing is no exception. A 15% tip is the recommended average but several factors can influence this amount. When calculating an appropriate tip, you’ll want to consider type of vehicle, services selected, current condition, and quality of service.

How many employees does spiffy have?

How many employees does Spiffy have? Spiffy has raised 73 employees. Where is Spiffy headquaters? Provider of an online loan service for small scale enterprises.

What is the Washify app?

The Washify mobile car wash app collects current customer email addresses and stores them in the cloud. This allows your marketing team to develop integrative and personalized email campaigns that drive appointment sales and foot traffic to your wash.

What is Urable?

Urable™ is an application designed for automotive businesses that specialize in detailing, paint protection film, vinyl wrapping, tinting, and ceramic coating. As a cloud-based application with dedicated mobile apps, it allows you to run your business from multiple devices in real-time.

Do you tip car wash attendants?

If you have only availed of the basic washing and drying, you can tip around $2 to $5 to the car wash attendant. On the other hand, if you have availed of car detailing, you would have to tip around 10 to 20 percent of the overall charge.

How does spiffy stores work for SEO?

Spiffy Stores is built from the ground up with SEO priniciples in mind. We start with the URL’s (the address you type into a browser’s address bar). All product page URL’s have the name of the collection and product in them, blog articles, pages and collection pages have the name of your article, page, or collection name in them.

What services does spiffy stores offer?

Spiffy Stores has integrated with over 200 payment providers, shipping providers, accounting apps, email marketing, analytics, shopping engines, data syncing, social media, address verification, fraud detection… and the list is growing day by day.

What is spiffy for Infusionsoft?

An app for Infusionsoft that makes it easy to build high-converting Infusionsoft order forms with our Spiffy Builder. Optimize the Infusionsoft shopping cart checkout process for mobile. Must be an Infusionsoft customer to use this product. Learn about Spiffy for Infusionsoft What’s the difference between the two Spiffy Products?

How does Spiff work?

So Spiff allows you to change management, team, and plan assignments with the click of a button. Multiple levels of access allows your managers to see just the right level of information for the people they manage. Spiff powers commissions for WEAVE’s 200+ reps everyday.