What is the Argentine flag sign?

The Argentinian flag sign is an observation seen most commonly in patients with intumescent pearly white mature cataracts during surgery.

How to prevent Argentinian flag sign?

Techniques to Avoid Argentinian Flag Sign

  1. Small-needle aspiration technique. The capsular bag is stained with trypan blue and then punctured with a 27 to 30-gauge needle to initiate fluid aspiration and bag decompression.
  2. Modified small-needle aspiration technique.
  3. Nd-Yag laser anterior capsule capsulotomy.

What is a Morgagnian cataract?

A morgagnian cataract is a hypermature cataract in which the total liquefaction of the cortex has allowed the nucleus to sink inferiorly. 1. Herein, we report a rare case of morgagnian cataract with an isolated posterior opening with no history of trauma and its successful management.

What is intumescent cataract?

An intumescent cataract is the type of cataract that leads to a swollen or congested lens. The term intumescent is often used to refer to substances that swell due to the contact to heat or flames.

What is a flag sign?

Flag Sign means a flag representing an organization that is used as a sign but does not include a flag representing a country of the world or any Canadian territory, province or municipal corporation.

What is a snowflake cataract?

Diabetic cataract, or “snowflake” cataract, consists of gray-white subcapsular opacities. This type of cataract is seen, in rare cases, in patients with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus.

What is red flag sign?

Essentially red flags are signs and symptoms found in the patient history and clinical examination that may tie a disorder to a serious pathology. [5] Hence, the evaluation of red flags is an integral part of primary care and can never be underestimated. The term “red flag” was originally associated with back pain.

Whats the difference between a banner and a flag?

So-called vexillology distinguished a clear difference. By definition, a banner is a painted piece of cloth with lettering, signs or symbols and then attached directly to a flagpole. On the contrary, a flag is always attached indirectly. It is done by means of a rope.