What is the best trap for otters?

Several sizes of body-grip traps can be used for otters, but the 220 (7in x 7in), 280 (8in x 8in) and 330 (10in x10in) in) are the most common and effective. In Kentucky, 280s and 330s can only be set in water. If you want to set a body-grip trap on land for an otter, use the 220-sized trap.

How do you set traps for otters?

Be sure the chain is short enough and the water is deep enough to keep the otter submerged. Put sticks on either side of the trap to help make sure the otter goes through the trap. In deeper water, put one or more sticks across the top of the set so that the otter will have to dive under them and into the trap.

How big should a fisher trap be?

They are pretty easy to catch. A 220 in a cubby will work fine if it’s legal, but I’ve caught many with a #2 size trap in a baited cubby as well. It’s like catching a big weasel . They will step on an exposed trap, no problem.

How do you live trap an otter?

The 48″ long model can be fitted with a LIVE BAIT HOLDER which is ideal for otters hunting birds. Place traps along trails, slides or water shorelines. If they’re targeting fish, use live fish in the back of the cage with the back bottom side behind the trip pan in just enough water to keep the fish alive.

Are otters hard to trap?

Otters are too curious and intelligent by nature to be alarmed by a decoy. These creatures are best handled with trapping—lethal or non-lethal. Because of their antics and ability to reason, otters can be very difficult to trap. Select your method of trapping and place the devices around where the otter frequents.

Are fisher hard to trap?

If you have fishers in your area, they aren’t hard to catch. They’re like possums,except with nicer fur. You just need a little time to wait em out.

What is the best bait for fisher?

Fishy odors, such as fish oil and skunk oil, often attract fishers. Cat food has shown to be an effective lure, and many experienced trappers recommend beaver meat for fisher cat bait.

Where do you put a fisher trap?

In my area I would set fisher traps about 1/2 to 3/4 mile apart within suitable habitat. The habitat here generally being of heavily treed mixed coniferous forest areas with lots of dead fall (heavy woody debris) along or near riparian areas. They prefer to travel and hunt under a well closed forest canopy.

How do you attract fishers?

Keep bird feeder areas clean as the seed attracts rodents such as squirrels, which fishers prey upon. Remove feeders if fishers are regularly seen around your yard. Secure garbage. Exposed garbage, compost and pet food can attract small mammals, which in turn attract fishers.