What is the diameter of 1/8 BSP?

9.7 mm
British Standard Pipe Thread (BSPT)

BSP Thread Size Outside Diameter mm / inch TPI
1/8 Inch BSP 9.7 mm / 0.383″ 28
1/4 Inch BSP 13.16 mm / 0.518″ 19
3/8 Inch BSP 16.66 mm / 0.656″ 19
1/2 Inch BSP 20.99 mm / 0.825″ 14

What is BSP in size?

BSP thread form stands for British Standard Pipe and is common in Australia and the commonwealth countries. It is based on trade size rather than actual diameter which can lead to some confusion when measuring ports. There are two types of BSP threads; – BSPP – Female & male thread are both (also known as G)

How do you measure a BSP fitting?

The easiest way is to count the thread crests over a shorter length, say 1/4″, and simply multiply it by 4. For example, if you count 3.5 thread crests over 1/4″: 3.5 x 4 = 14 threads per inch. Take this measurement and cross-reference it to your thread size in the chart below.

What is the diameter of 1 BSP?

The outside diameter for a 1” BSP fitting is not 1” or 25mm it is in fact 33.249mm at the widest point.

What is the diameter of 1/4 BSP?

Measure the Inside of a Female Thread Port: If it is 11.9mm Internal Diameter — then the actual port size is a Female 1/4″ BSP Thread. If it is 15.2mm Internal Diameter — then the actual port size is a Female 3/8″ BSP Thread.

What is BSP and NPT?

The two most popular thread styles in the world are British Standard Pipe (BSP) and. National Pipe Taper (NPT). They are the international standard for joining fittings and pipes. However, the difference between these thread styles is something to note.

What is BSP Adaptor?

Bsp adaptors Adaptors series with a mechanical connection realized on a 60° conical seat. The fittings are made of steel (11SMPb37), partly obtained from extruded bars and from moulding.

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