What is the easiest Pokemon character to draw?

20 Easy Pokémon To Draw: A List For Artists With Step-By-Step…

  1. Voltorb & Electrode. What could be easier than a round ball with some basic coloring?
  2. Ditto. A close tie for the easiest creature to draw is the amorphous blob Ditto.
  3. Luvdisc.
  4. Jigglypuff.
  5. Pikachu.
  6. Snorunt.
  7. Gorebyss.
  8. Wobbuffet.

What’s the best Pokemon to draw?

Top 10 Easiest Pokemon to Draw

  • Marill.
  • Dratini.
  • Mudkip.
  • Oshawott.
  • Porygon.
  • Victini.
  • Lugia.
  • Shuckle. Shuckle’s body is obviously extremely simple, resembling a bunch of worms appearing from the shell.

Which Pokemon is hardest to draw?

1. Celesteela. The sheer amount of detail required to draw Celesteela is crazy. Patterns, shapes, layers and a rich color scheme add up to one difficult to draw Pokémon.

How to draw Pokemon characters, step by step?

Step 1 First we will draw a small circle shape for Charizards head and then another circle is drawn for his upper body. Draw the outline for his wing and then mark the limb lines for the arm, hands, legs and the tail. Step 2 Draw the shape of his open mouth which includes his snout and bottom jaw.

How to draw Legendary Pokemon?

Step 1 Draw a perfect circle. Step 2 Mark the center and draw a circle in the first quadrant as shown. Step 3 Draw a smaller circle inside it and a larger circle around it. Step 4 Draw 2 curved lines through all the inner circles.

How to draw Charmander from Pokemon?

1) Start with a small circle near the top of the page. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s just a guide for Charmander’s head. 2) Next, draw two intersecting lines across Charmander’s head, one vertical and one horizontal. Bend the lines a bit so that they contour to the shape of the head. 3) Now draw the guides for Charmander’s eyes. Draw them as two small shapes right above the horizontal construction line and on either side of the vertical line. 4) Under Charmander’s head, draw another circle that’s just slightly bigger than the head. Draw two lines on either side of the circle to connect it to the head. 5) On either side of the body, draw two long arcs as guides for Charmander’s arms.

How to draw Naruto characters easy?

– Depict the outlines of the face. Draw the bottom of Naruto’s head. Place this shape in the center of the piece of paper. – Draw a bandage. The bandage looks like a large arch. Please note that the headband is wider than the head of our character. – Draw the hair. A thick head of hair is one of the most recognizable features of Naruto’s appearance. Draw the outlines of the hair using large angular shapes. – Draw the torso. The weird proportions are typical enough for Chibi Style, aren’t they? Draw a very small torso and limbs like in my reference. – Draw the clothes. Add some details to the main elements of the clothing. – Add accessories. Draw a recognizable logo on the headband. Add rounded ears and rounded palms. – Add facial features. Draw the eyes, eyebrows and mouth of our character. – Color Naruto. Use classic colors to create a recognizable Naruto look.