What is the French equivalent of the Mafia?

les beaux voyous
Organized criminals are collectively known as the French Mob and singularly known as les beaux voyous (French: [le bo vwaju]; i.e. “the goodfellas”) operating within Le Milieu (French: [lə miljø]; i.e. “the underworld”) also called today Grand banditisme.

What is the world’s most powerful Mafia?

The ‘Ndrangheta
The ‘Ndrangheta have surpassed Sicily’s famous Cosa Nostra to become the most powerful organised crime group in Italy and one of the largest in the world.

Is there any Mafia in Portugal?

Various groups of the Italian Mafia have been known to be active throughout Portugal since at least the 1980s. The Camorra is known to be active in Porto where it is involved in the business of fake designer fashion merchandise.

Are there cartels in France?

The FCA actively investigates and adjudicates cartel cases. While the level of fine that it imposes is high, it is essentially in line with the European Commission’s fining policy, although in France the cartel’s duration has a lesser influence on the final fine.

What is the French mafia boss called?

Caïd : the “big boss.” The highest level of the French Mob. Parrain : “Godfather” in French. The highest level under the Caïd in the French Mob.

Is there a German mafia?

Germany is probably not the first country one would think of in terms of organized crime. Certainly it has no Mafia, Cosa Nostra or Yakuza of its own. Still, in recent years organized crime has come to be considered one of Germany’s major problems.

Are there cartels in Portugal?

The cartel prohibition (and competition law enforcement in general) is enforced by the Portuguese Competition Authority (“Autoridade da Concorrência”) (hereinafter “the Authority”), established in 2003 by Decree-Law nr. 10/2003, of 18 January, and currently ruled by Decree-Law nr. 125/2014, of 18 August.