What is the height requirement for the AquaDuck?

3′ 6″AquaDuck / Height restriction

Does the Disney Dream have the AquaDuck?

Water slides are a dime a dozen on cruise ships, but the AquaDuck is the only water coaster on a cruise ship with the kind of drops and g-forces you would experience on a roller coaster. It is located on the top decks of the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, which are two sister ships in the Disney Cruise Line fleet.

How do I get the most out of my Disney cruise?

Tips and Tricks for the Best Disney Cruise Vacation

  1. Choose the Dinner Time that Suits Your Family’s Schedule.
  2. Make Palo or Remy Reservations Sooner than Later.
  3. Always Check the Personal Navigator.
  4. Don’t Miss The Shows & Movies.
  5. Get Tickets for Special Character Meets.
  6. Don’t Over Pack.
  7. Budget for Tips.
  8. Don’t Miss the Fireworks.

How deep are pools on Disney Dream?

Quiet Cove Pool, an adults-only pool located on the Disney Dream at Deck 11, Forward features an approximate 4-foot-deep main pool and connecting bar, perfect for adult Guests looking for a relaxing sojourn amid a more relaxed environment.

Does Disney Dream have a water slide?

The Disney Dream cruise ship has two water slides – the AquaDuck and Mickey’s Slide. The AquaDuck is a thrilling 765-foot long water coaster that ends in a lazy river, whereas Mickey’s Slide is a smaller water slide that’s just for kids.

What ship has the AquaDunk?

the Disney Magic cruise ship
The AquaDunk is a thrilling body slide through a clear tube that extends over the side of the Disney Magic cruise ship.

Can I bring a case of water on a Disney Cruise?

Yes, you may bring a case of bottled water along with you on your Disney Cruise so long as the water is unopened and packaged in its original packaging. It’s very important that bottles of water are brought onboard in your carry-on luggage, not your checked baggage.

Is water free on Disney Cruise?

Although bottled water is not included in your cruise fare, you will be able to purchase bottled water packages onboard, or you can even purchase a bottled water package before your cruise to have delivered to your stateroom upon your arrival!