What is the maximum allowable tolerance when you do shaft alignment?

The “Acceptable” Offset shaft alignment tolerance for 1800 RPM is 4.0 mils.

Does vertical pump need alignment?

Vertical pumps are designed to be “self-aligning” due to the rabbet fit between pump and driver, thus eliminating the need for precision shaft alignment.

How do you calculate alignment reading?

To measure vertical misalignment, perform the following steps:

  1. Rotate the dial indicators to 6:00.
  2. Set the face dial indicator to read zero.
  3. Set the rim dial indicator to the sag value.
  4. Rotate both shafts (if possible) to 12:00.
  5. Record the DIR and DIF dial indicator TIR values.

What is the maximum amount of soft foot permissible?

Soft foot can be measured a number of ways. Always start any soft foot measurement with all of the bolts securely tightened. As we go through the different methods, keep in mind that the industry standard for the maximum soft foot measurement is 2 thou (mils) or . 25 mm.

What is the general tolerance range for coupling alignment in inches?

– The coupling tolerance is 0.062” of offset, 0.01745” per inch of angle. – The ANSI standard is 0.006” of offset, 0.0012” per inch of angle.

How do you adjust a vertical turbine pump for maximum efficiency?

Check head shaft to determine if it has right or left hand threads. As you rotate the shaft, raise impellers by tightening the nut on top of the head shaft. Continue tightening the adjusting nut until impellers begin to drag on the top of the bowl. Do not over tighten-this could pull impellers from shaft.

What is soft foot in alignment?

In his book, Shaft Alignment Handbook, noted alignment expert John Piotrowski defines soft foot as the condition “when rotating equipment is set into place on its base, frame or sole plate, one or more than one of the ‘feet’ are not making good contact at the foot points of the frame.” More generally, the condition is …

What is the versatile measurement mode for turbine alignment?

This versatile measurement mode is essential for turbine alignments but is only offered on the best laser systems. It permits the taking of as few or as many individual measurement points as desired while stopped at any rotational position.

How is a gas turbine alignment different from a steam Turbic alignment?

Unlike steam turbine alignment, gas turbine alignment is performed with the upper halves installed, also called “Tops-On” alignment, and moves must be made in a specific sequence, adding to the overall challenge. MD&A Alignment Engineers have experience with a variety of OEM’s allowing them to service a large portion of the installed fleet.

What is vertical turbine pump alignment?

Vertical turbine pump (VTP) and driver alignment is critical for extending the serviceable life of the driver, pump bearings and mechanical seal assembly while also providing vibration free service of your installation.

Why Laser shaft alignment for turbine-generators?

The alignment of turbine-generator sets poses unique challenges that only the best laser shaft alignment systems can overcome. Not the least of these is the difficulty of turning the shafts (either coupled or uncoupled) and the methods employed in turning them.