What is the postcode for Wendouree?

3355Wendouree / Postal code

What is Ballarat postcode?

3350Ballarat / Postal code

Is Wendouree a suburb of Ballarat?

Wendouree is a large suburb, on the north western rural-urban fringe of Ballarat and has the largest population of all of the suburbs in the City of Ballarat. The suburbs name comes from the man-made lake located nearby Lake Wendouree.

Is Lake Wendouree a suburb?

Lake Wendouree is a suburb of Ballarat, located immediately west of the Ballarat CBD. At the 2006 census, Lake Wendouree had a population on 1,471. Lake Wendouree is Ballarat’s most prestigious address and home to many of the city’s wealthiest residents.

What Shire is wendouree?

Shire of Ballarat Victoria
Shire of Ballarat

Shire of Ballarat Victoria
Established 1856
Area 481.74 km2 (186.0 sq mi)
Council seat Wendouree
County Ripon, Talbot, Grenville

What is alfredton postcode Vic?

3350Alfredton / Postal code

How many postcodes are there in Ballarat?


Postcode Suburb Category
3350 BALLARAT, VIC Delivery Area
3353 BALLARAT, VIC Post Office Boxes
3350 BALLARAT CENTRAL, VIC Delivery Area
3350 BALLARAT EAST, VIC Delivery Area

What suburbs are in City of Ballarat?

The City of Ballarat includes the suburbs and localities of Addington, Alfredton, Ascot, Bakery Hill, Bald Hills (part), Ballarat Central, Ballarat East, Ballarat North, Black Hill, Blowhard, Bo Peep (part), Bonshaw, Brown Hill, Buninyong (part), Bunkers Hill, Burrumbeet (part), Canadian, Cardigan, Cardigan Village.

Is Lake Wendouree safe?

Crime rate is extremely high.

What Shire is Wendouree?

Can you swim in Lake Wendouree?

Swimming is not recommended on Lake Wendouree due to the many hazards present. Organised triathlons and swimming events are allowed under City of Ballarat permit conditions.

What Shire is Ballarat?

Moorabool Shire is a semi-rural municipality between Melbourne and Ballarat. The main towns are Bacchus Marsh (population 16,000 – 45 km west of the Melbourne CBD) and Ballan (2,660 – 70 km west of the city). About 40% of residents work in Melbourne. A significant number also work in Ballarat.

What is the postcode for Lake Wendouree?

Lake Wendouree, Victoria (Ballarat) Postcode: 3350. Latitude: -37.550. Longitude: 143.849. Locality: Country Victoria. State: Victoria (capital: Melbourne – 102km away)

How much does it cost to paddle boat on Lake Wendouree?

The paddle boats operate every day from 10am to 7pm, weather permitting, from the western side of Lake Wendouree, between the adventure playground and Pipers by the Lake People 13 years and above can hire a boat. Boats fit two to four people depending on size. Couple with two children under five years of age or no children – $12

What is there to do at Lake Wendouree?

Located in central Ballarat next to the Ballarat Botanical Gardens and near Victoria Park, Lake Wendouree offers a wide range of attractions and recreational activities both on and off the water. Facilities include the six-kilometre Steve Moneghetti running and walking track, cycling trails, playgrounds and excellent picnic and BBQ facilities.

Who is the declared Waterway manager for Lake Wendouree?

City of Ballarat as the declared waterway manager for Lake Wendouree, makes the following declaration under section 203 (3) of the Marine Safety Act 2010 (Vic).