What is the set cover problem?

The set covering problem is a significant NP-hard problem in combinatorial optimization. Given a collection of elements, the set covering problem aims to find the minimum number of sets that incorporate (cover) all of these elements.

What is set covering problem and why is it NP-complete?

Problem: Given a ground Set X, an integer k, and a collection of subsets Si of X, the problem is to identify if there exists a collection of subsets whose union is X, with size at most k. Proof: An instance of the problem is an input specified to the problem.

What is a set covering constraint in linear programming?

The set covering problem is a specific type of a discrete location model. In this model, a facility can serve all demand nodes that are within a given coverage distance Dc from the facility. The problem is the place the minimum number of facilities so as to ensure that all demand nodes can be served.

What is the vertex cover problem?

The vertex cover problem is an NP-Complete problem, which means that there is no known polynomial-time solution for finding the minimum vertex cover of a graph unless it can be proven that P = NP. There, however, exists polynomial-time approximate algorithms to find the vertex cover of a graph.

Is set cover polynomial?

Set Cover is NP-Hard: There is no polynomial time solution available for this problem as the problem is a known NP-Hard problem. There is a polynomial time Greedy approximate algorithm, the greedy algorithm provides a Logn approximate algorithm.

Is the set cover problem NP-complete?

Theorem: Set Cover is NP-Complete. Proof: First, we argue that Set Cover is in NP, since given a collection of sets C, a certifier can efficiently check that C indeed contains at most k elements, and that the union of all sets listed in C does include all elements from the ground set U.

What is set cover in algorithm?

It is a problem “whose study has led to the development of fundamental techniques for the entire field” of approximation algorithms. , and the task is to find a set covering that uses the fewest sets. The decision version of set covering is NP-complete, and the optimization/search version of set cover is NP-hard.

How do you prove set cover is NP-complete?

To prove a problem X is NP-complete, you need to show that it is both in NP and that it is at least as hard any other problem in NP. This last step is typically done by showing that Y ≤P X for some problem Y that you already know to be NP-Complete.

How is independent set and vertex cover related?

In a graph G={V,E}, S is an Independent Set ⇔(V−S) is a Vertex Cover. 1. If S is an Independent Set ,there is no edge e=(u,v) in G, such that both u,v∈S.

What is vertex cover in DAA?

A Vertex Cover of a graph G is a set of vertices such that each edge in G is incident to at least one of these vertices. The decision vertex-cover problem was proven NPC. Now, we want to solve the optimal version of the vertex cover problem, i.e., we want to find a minimum size vertex cover of a given graph.

Is set cover the same as vertex cover?

In the Vertex Cover problem, we need to cover the edges using limited number of vertices. In the Set Cover problem, we need to cover elements of a set using limited number of subsets.

What is set cover problem in Computer Science?

The set cover problem is a classical question in combinatorics, computer science and complexity theory. It is one of Karp’s 21 NP-complete problems shown to be NP-complete in 1972. It is a problem “whose study has led to the development of fundamental techniques for the entire field” of approximation algorithms.

What is the mathematical formulation of the set covering problem?

The mathematical formulation of the set covering problem is define as follows. We define ). Addionally, each set . The objective is to find the minimum cost sub-collection of sets . An integer linear program (ILP) model can be formulated for the minimum set covering problem as follows:

What is the importance of the set covering problem importance?

The set covering problem importance has two main aspects: one is pedagogical, and the other is practical. First, because many greedy approximation methods have been proposed for this combinatorial problem, studying it gives insight into the use of approximation algorithms in solving NP-hard problems.

What is a generalized set covering problem?

The underlying idea in this mode is to generate all or at least a large enough set of feasible duties of which a subset is selected to fulfill this target. This problem can be formulated as a generalized set covering problem. Let M denote the set of trips i and N the set of duties j. Furthermore, let cj be the cost associated with duty j.