What is the simple definition of computer?

A computer is a machine or device that performs processes, calculations and operations based on instructions provided by a software or hardware program. It has the ability to accept data (input), process it, and then produce outputs.

What is a computer best definition?

Definition of computer : one that computes specifically : a programmable usually electronic device that can store, retrieve, and process data using a computer to design 3-D models.

What are the 5 definition of computer?

(1) A class of machine that acts on data as opposed to physical things. (2) Machines that process meaning represented as symbols. (3) General purpose devices for performing calculations and operations on data. (4) Programmable machines for storing, processing and calculating data.

What was the original definition of a computer?

computer (n.) Meaning “calculating machine” (of any type) is from 1897; in modern use, “programmable digital electronic device for performing mathematical or logical operations,” 1945 under this name (the thing itself was described by 1937 in a theoretical sense as Turing machine).

What is computer definition for Class 3?

Computer is an electronic machine. It runs on electricity. It takes inputs from you. It uses some program (set of instructions) to process these inputs. Finally it delivers output as per your requirement.

What is computer definition for Class 6?

A computer is an electronic device which consists of hardware and software. Hardware components describe the physical parts of the computer and software controls hardware and run the operating system, different programs & applications like Microsoft Windows, Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel etc.

What is computer short answer Class 9?

Answer: A computer is a machine that accepts data as input, processes that data using programs, and outputs the processed data as information. Many computers can store and retrieve information using hard drives.

What is computer definition for Class 1?

Answer: A computer is a data storage and processing device. Most computers use a binary system, which uses two variables, 0 and 1, to do tasks including storing data, solving algorithms, and presenting information. A computer is a data or information manipulating electrical device.

What is computer definition for Class 7?

A computer is a machine for manipulating data according to a list of instructions known as program. 2. Monitor and printer are the most commonly used output device. 3.

What is computer definition for class 10?

What is the Computer definition for class 10? A computer can be defined as a high-end or advanced electronic device that intakes data in raw form as input from the user and gives the result by processing the data using a unique set of instructions.

What is computer definition for Class 9?

A computer is an electronic device that can be programmed to accept data (input), process it and generate result (output). A computer along with additional hardware and software together is called a computer system.

What is computer definition for class 12?

It is a machine that takes in raw data and performs some calculations on it and gives us the formed output in the desired format. Computer is also a device that stores as well as processes information electronically. Computers usually come in different sizes and grades of functionalities.

What are the 5 parts of a computer?

A motherboard.

  • A Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  • A Graphics Processing Unit (GPU),also known as a video card.
  • Random Access Memory (RAM),also known as volatile memory.
  • Storage: Solid State Drive (SSD) or Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
  • What are the functions of a computer?

    Input. In order for a computer to perform any function,it needs data. This is typically input through a keyboard,but there are also other ways of inputting data.

  • Processing. Raw data in RAM needs to be processed into useful information.
  • Output. Output can be in many forms.
  • Storage. Users often want to save the output.
  • What are the parts and functions of a computer?

    Motherboard. The motherboard of a computer is the circuit board on which all the basic and high-end chipsets are installed.

  • CPU. CPU or the Central Processing Unit is among the basic parts of computer and is often referred to as the brain of the computer.
  • GPU.
  • What is the purpose of a computer?


  • Motherboard.
  • CPU (Microprocessor.
  • Main memory (RAM)
  • Expansion cards.
  • Power supply unit.
  • Optical disc drive.
  • Hard disk drive (HDD).