What is the storyline of Fidelio?

It centres on a woman, Leonore, whose husband Florestan has been secretly imprisoned by his political rival – the villainous Don Pizarro. Determined to rescue him, Leonore disguises herself as a young man named ‘Fidelio’ and gets a job in the prison where he is being held.

What Fidelio means?

Fidelio is a German opera with spoken dialogue in two acts by Ludwig van Beethoven. It is Beethoven’s only opera.

Is Fidelio a comic opera?

Fidelio’s libretto, based on a comic opera by Bouilly and Gaveaux, met resounding success in Paris in 1798. Drawing inspiration from the Reign of Terror, a period of the French Revolution, this artwork inspired many composers.

How did Beethoven learn counterpoint?

Beethoven began his career in Vienna under the tutelage of the noted contrapuntal theorist Johann Albrechtsberger, and this, coupled with his admiration for Handel, probably accounts for his lifetime interest in counterpoint.

What is the password in Eyes Wide Shut?

In the novella, the party (which is sparsely attended) uses “Denmark” as the password for entrance; that is significant in that Albertina had her infatuation with her soldier in Denmark; the film’s password is “Fidelio”. In early drafts of the screenplay, the password was “Fidelio Rainbow”.

What is Beethoven’s masterpiece?

Choral Symphony (Ninth), Op. The piece has been rightly called, a “masterpiece”. It’s an extremely powerful symphony, which revolutionized all of music. The composer innovatively added a choir onto the last movement, to sing Schiller’s poem “Ode to Joy” to Beethoven’s magnificent melody.

Did Beethoven write any opera?

…also belongs his one opera, Fidelio, commissioned for the winter season of 1805. The play concerns a wife who disguises herself as a boy in order to rescue her husband, imprisoned for political reasons; in setting this to music, Beethoven was influenced by Ferdinando Paer and by Luigi Cherubini, composer…