What is the synonym of deplorable?

dire, disastrous, disgraceful, distressing, dreadful, grievous, horrifying, intolerable, lamentable, miserable, regrettable, reprehensible, scandalous, terrible, tragic, unbearable, unsatisfactory, wretched, afflictive, awful.

What does deplorable behavior mean?

1 : deserving censure or contempt deplorable behavior : wretched deplorable living conditions. 2 : lamentable a deplorable death.

What is Deplorables?

“Basket of deplorables” is a phrase from a 2016 presidential election campaign speech delivered by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on September 9, 2016, at a campaign fundraising event, which she used to describe half of the supporters of her opponent, Republican nominee Donald Trump saying “They’re racist, sexist.

What is the opposite of deplorable?

Opposite of shockingly bad in standard or quality. excellent. admirable. commendable. creditable.

What is the difference between despicable and deplorable?

As adjectives the difference between deplorable and despicable. is that deplorable is deserving strong condemnation; shockingly bad while despicable is fit or deserving to be despised; contemptible; mean; vile; worthless.

What are deplorable actions?

bringing or deserving severe rebuke or censure. “a deplorable act of violence” synonyms: condemnable, criminal, reprehensible, vicious wrong. contrary to conscience or morality or law.

How do you use contravene in a sentence?

Contravene sentence example

  1. Still more distinctly did he contravene the general tendency of scientific explanation.
  2. Does this contravene any building regulations or safety regulations?
  3. The impugned provision does not therefore contravene the prohibition of discrimination.

How do you use deplorable in a sentence?

The road from the farm was in a deplorable condition. That deplorable condition is not of comparatively recent origin. The brick-making industry was in a most deplorable condition. We found the railways in a deplorable condition.