What is the warranty period of Hitachi AC?


2 Years Air conditioner warranty Manufactured Models of 2018/2019/2020 Scope of Air conditioner warranty
Inverter Models (5 Star) Standard Warranty Applicable for the 1st Year
Warranty extension -2nd Year

How is Hitachi AC after sales service?

Hitachi build a good air conditioner no doubt but after sales service is too poor. its cooling efficiency too good as well as noise is too low. Not too much cheap it is but value for money when it is in working condition. But after sales service is too poor.

Does Hitachi charge for AC installation?

FREE Installation: Rs. 0/ will be charge from customer against Standard installation(per installation) & Rs. 950/- per installation (to HCS / ASP’s Partners) shall be reimbursed against the standard installation.

What is PCB warranty?

What’s a PCB warranty? PCB is a printed circuit board. A PCB warranty ensures a very high quality product without any failure. Most consumers, when they buy an air conditioner , are concerned about energy bills and maintenance costs of an air conditioner. The PCB warranty covers all of that.

Are Hitachi AC noisy?

Hitachi is the best window ac for silent cooling, its noise levels are least compared to other brands, try silent mode where airflow is least, at that mode I sometime feel that its comparable to split ac sound wise.

Why Hitachi AC is costly?

Hitachi puts all of their AC to 43 different quality tests before clearing them for sale. As a manufacturer, this process is tedious and is in place only to make sure there are absolutely no defects when they reach the final consumer. This inevitably ensures lesser to none post sale malfunctions.

Does Hitachi provide free installation?

*FREE INSTALLATION Free Installation covers the standard installation only. Any additional copper pipe, drain pipe, stand or civil work required will be chargeable. Limited period offer. For more details contact your nearest dealer.

How do I cancel a Hitachi service request?

For customer care and service support, please call us at 079-7141-4848 (Landline) / 756-788-4848 (Mobile/WhatsApp) or email at [email protected] We will get back to you shortly.

How do I complain to Hitachi?

Is Hitachi AC good?

Conclusion. Hitachi is definitely a reliable brand and one of only a few companies which offer such a long list of features and technologies in its appliances. Hitachi is a part of reputed Hitachi Group which makes into the elite Fortune 500 list.

How do I contact JCI Hitachi customer care?

For customer care and service support, please call us at 91-797141-4848 / +91-756788-4848 (WhatsApp) or email at [email protected] We will get back to you shortly.

How does Hitachi resolve the challenges faced by customers and partners?

To effectively resolve challenges faced by our customers and partners, Hitachi follows a systematic approach that helps us understand your exact requirements. We have provided a list of categories below. Please click on the category related to your needs so we can put you in touch with the right people.

Who is Hitachi?

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