What is vagueness of theory?

According to this theory, a vague statement is true if it is true on at least one precisification and false if it is false under at least one precisification. If a vague statement comes out true under one precisification and false under another, it is both true and false.

What is semantic vagueness?

First, vagueness appears in language and thought. Many of the words that make up human language, as well as the concepts used in our thinking, are vague. We will refer to this as semantic or cognitive vagueness. Second, vagueness also makes an appearance in sensory perception.

What is vagueness in critical thinking?

Vagueness in critical thinking is an unclear situation with insufficient details given. For example, if we were asked to describe one particular person who we met for the first time, we will describe looking for the person.

What is another word for vagueness?

Some common synonyms of vague are ambiguous, cryptic, dark, enigmatic, equivocal, and obscure. While all these words mean “not clearly understandable,” vague implies a lack of clear formulation due to inadequate conception or consideration.

Which is the closest antonym for the word vague?

antonyms for vague

  • definite.
  • determined.
  • distinct.
  • explicit.
  • obvious.
  • plain.
  • secure.
  • sure.

Is the antonym of precision called vagueness?

“I have never argued that our most sensitive national security matters should be an open book.”…What is the opposite of vagueness?

precision clarity
exactitude closeness
veracity accurateness
meticulousness rigorousness
nicety scrupulousness

What is vagueness in linguistics?

In speech or writing, vagueness is the imprecise or unclear use of language. Contrast this term with clarity and specificity. As an adjective, the word becomes vague.

Do ambiguous and ambivalent mean the same thing?

Ambivalent: Dispelling the Ambiguity. The Latin prefix “ambi-” means both and can refer to plurality. In ambivalent it refers to having mixed, contradictory, or more than one feeling about something. In ambiguous on the other hand, it means unclear or able to be understood in multiple ways.

What is the best antonym for ambiguous?

OPPOSITES FOR ambiguous 4 clear, precise, unambiguous.