What is Walker Evans most famous photo?

Summary of Walker Evans His iconic portrait of Allie Mae Burroughs – a farmer’s wife, and mother of four – whose unforgettable eyes seem to stare right through us – is one of the most firmly embedded images in American consciousness.

What famous photographer is known for images of the Dust Bowl?

Documentary photographer Dorothea Lange is best known for her work during the 1930s with Roosevelt’s Farm Security Administration (FSA). Born in Hoboken, New Jersey in 1895, Lange studied photography at Columbia University then went on to a successful career as a portrait photographer in San Francisco.

Who photographed for FSA?

These images were widely disseminated through the Twelve Million Black Voices collection, published in October 1941, which combined FSA photographs selected by Edwin Rosskam and text by author and poet Richard Wright.

Was Walker Evans a FSA photographer?

Walker Evans (November 3, 1903 – April 10, 1975) was an American photographer and photojournalist best known for his work for the Farm Security Administration (FSA) documenting the effects of the Great Depression. Much of Evans’s work from the FSA period uses the large-format, 8×10-inch (200×250 mm) view camera.

What did Walker Evans photograph?

The Depression years of 1935–36 were ones of remarkable productivity and accomplishment for Evans. In June 1935, he accepted a job from the U.S. Department of the Interior to photograph a government-built resettlement community of unemployed coal miners in West Virginia.

What camera did Walker Evans use?

Polaroid SX-70 camera
As declining health made it difficult for him to work with large equipment, he switched to the newly invented portable Polaroid SX-70 camera. Polaroid offered Evans an unlimited supply of film.

Who took photographs of Dust Bowl victims?

Over the course of seven years, as the agency became part of the Farm Security Administration, Stryker would launch an unprecedented documentary effort, eventually amassing more than 200,000 images of America in the 1930s taken by a talented cadre of photographers, including Walker Evans, Russell Lee, Marion Post …

Where was the Migrant Mother photo taken?

Nipomo, California
The photographer Dorothea Lange had taken the shot, along with a series of others, days earlier in a camp of migrant farm workers in Nipomo, California.

How many photos did the FSA take?

The FSA photo archives left an unprecedented historical legacy. The FSA created a historical archive unlike any made before. By the time the project was finished, FSA photographers had taken some 250,000 photographs.

Who was Walker Evans?

Walker Evans, (born November 3, 1903, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.—died April 10, 1975, New Haven, Connecticut), American photographer whose influence on the evolution of ambitious photography during the second half of the 20th century was perhaps greater than that of any other figure.