What is walking bass in music?

A walking bass line walks between chords, outlining the harmony and using quarter notes to keep a steady rhythm. We generally walk with a swing feel, so we are more likely to play a walking bass line in styles where swing is most commonly used, like jazz and blues.

Why is it called a walking bass?

While often associated with jazz, walking bass can be found in any genre. It is simply a moving bass line consisting of a constant rhythmic pulse; the walking bass name refers to the footstep-like regularity of the rhythmic motion.

Is walking bass jazz?

The goal of a walking bass-line is to outline the chord progression but with an interesting melodic line that provides a counter-melody (as above). In Jazz, bass-lines should generally not be too repetitive (unless you’re intentionally playing a vamp – like in Blues or Boogie-woogie).

Who invented walking bass?

Jimmy Blanton is another jazz bassist who is known as the father of the walking bass technique. His walking bass line has been transcribed and studied by many jazz bassists. He also joined Duke Ellington’s band in 1939. Next, Walter Page is another person who is credited with developing the walking bass line.

What best describes a walking bass line?

What exactly is a walking a bass line? A walking bass line generally consists of notes of equal duration and intensity (typically 1/4 notes) that create a feeling of forward motion. It is possible to add rhythmic variations, but in general, a walking bassline drives the song forward step by step.

How do you practice walking bass?

We can practice this by walking bass lines. First, walk bass lines with a metronome pulsing on every quarter note. After that starts to feel comfortable, put the metronome on beats 2 and 4 only. When that gets comfortable, we can turn off the metronome, and record ourselves walking bass lines a capella.

How do you play walking bass?

Use a pattern

  • Use the notes of the scale
  • Use the chromatic approach
  • Use the half step below approach
  • Use the half step above approach
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  • What does a ‘walking bass’ mean in music?

    Walking bass is a musical technique used in various genres and typically is the lowest voice heard in the musical texture of a piece. Learn more about the definition of walking bass, the bassline form used in classical and jazz music, and explore its patterns and use with other jazz techniques. Updated: 10/17/2021 Get up.

    How to play walking bass?

    You’ll be learning the notes of the neck (over the entire fingerboard)

  • You’ll be learning how to use (and apply) chord tones to create your own bass lines
  • You’ll learn how to use chromaticism within your bass lines – in a musical way
  • You’ll finally start to understand the ‘bigger picture’ and how all of the chords within songs are all interrelated.