What kind of clients does Deloitte have?


  • Consumer.
  • Energy, Resources, & Industrials.
  • Financial Services.
  • Government & Public Services.
  • Life Sciences & Health Care.
  • Technology, Media, & Telecommunications.

What are the challenges that currently face Deloitte?

Increased use of collaboration tools.

  • More devices mean more attack surfaces.
  • Unsecure home networks.
  • Insider threats.
  • Compliance challenges.
  • Larger adversarial landscape.
  • Lack of talented cybersecurity officials.
  • Stress on employees.
  • What values does Deloitte look for?

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    • Integrity. We believe that nothing is more important than our reputation, and behaving with the highest levels of integrity is fundamental to who we are.
    • Outstanding value to markets & clients.
    • Commitment to each other.
    • Strength from cultural diversity.

    Is Deloitte a South African company?

    Our leaders in Africa In the Republic of South Africa, Deloitte operates as Deloitte & Touche. Deloitte & Touche is a part of Deloitte Africa. Deloitte Africa is a member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (“DTTL”), a UK private company limited by guarantee.

    Who are Deloitte’s biggest clients?

    Deloitte’s largest clients are as follows:

    • Metlife.
    • Morgan Stanley.
    • Berkshire Hathaway.
    • The Blackstone Group.
    • Federal National Mortgage Association.
    • Microsoft.
    • GM.
    • Procter & Gamble.

    What is the strength of Deloitte?

    Some of the key strengths of the company are its huge client database, eminent market share in auditing and consulting, holding #1 rank in global consulting and management and radiating a powerful brand presence.

    What is unique about Deloitte Consulting?

    A big part of what makes Deloitte different is its culture, which Moffatt describes as “low ego, collaborative.” While Deloitte consultants must be independent and objective, they also “learn how to interact with a variety of styles and experience levels… and sometimes have to tell clients things they don’t want to …

    Why do clients choose Deloitte?

    “Today’s marketplace demands truly borderless behavior,” says Roger Dassen, Deloitte Global Managing Director of Clients, Services, and Talent. “Our largest and most global clients choose Deloitte because of our network’s ability to deliver both in terms of depth and breadth.”

    How many employees does Deloitte have in South Africa?

    Through the collective expertise of nearly 3600 people in 8 cities in South Africa and in 16 cities in Southern Africa, and as a member firm of the global organisation Deloitte Touche Tohmats, we have access to deep insightful and intellectual capital of more than 150 000 people worldwide.

    Why do you want to work in Deloitte?

    A rewarding career on every level. In addition to challenging and meaningful work, you’ll have the chance to give back to your community, make a positive impact on the environment, participate in a range of diversity and inclusion initiatives, and find the support, coaching, and training it takes to advance your career …